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Hi! (and you can take that anyway you wish) – welcome to the very first edition of the Anti Repeater Group (ARG) newsletter. This issue is being published to coincide with the first major event in this years amateur radio calendar – the VHF/UHF convention at Brunel. But first, a word about what the ARG is all about:

The ARG is a band of dedicated people, both male and female and usually callsign holders, who are determined to ensure that –

  1. The repeater GB3LO is used for one of its intended purposes, i.e. mobile to mobile working.

  2. That people who disregard this rule are jammed.

  3. To ensure that when the repeater is not in use it is taken over by ARG members and used to relay "Convoy", a record by C.W.McCall on the MGM label, which is all about truck drivers in the US of A using citizens band sets and CB jargon. The repeater is defined as not being in use when no one is talking, e.g. between the end of a previous over and the start of the ‘K’.

You should not assume that ARG members are jammers;

To deliberately jam mobile stations who are having a sensible contact is pointless.

ARG members only jam people who come under the categories below, with a few exceptions. Anyone jamming a mobile contact on the repeater is probably a non ARG member and should be blacklegged. ARG members do not recognize the following categories of station who use the repeater, and are therefore liable to jamming:

  1. Stations with high power and high gain beams who persist in working stations through GB3LO who they could work direct.

  2. Stations who live very close to each other but who insist on talking to each other via CP ( Crystal Palace).

  3. G stations in London working continental stations through GB3LO during lift conditions (some even ask for QSL cards!)

  4. Stations in contact via the repeater who, when one station times out is greeted with the reply "You timed out but I copied you on the input".

You would be surprised at the numbers of ARG members in London; some of us operate regularly on the repeater, and you would never suspect that the rather pleasant amateur you are talking to on R7 is a militant ARG member, his finger ever ready to blip the K, his trembling larynx ready to scream " SPINY NORMAN ON CHANNEL" at the top of his voice.

Now for some news; Rubber Duck and friends have reported what an enjoyable time they had on Tuesday March 2nd; apparently after drinking most of the evening (Rubber Duck was on the bathwater again) they decided to do a few laps of CP, and ended up staying down there until 2 o’clock on Wednesday morning. After dominating the repeater for 4 hours, they decided that their sides were aching too much with laughter, so decided to head for home. The team consisted of Rubber Duck, Pig Pen, Supercrud, and the driver, who shall remain anonymous, but for the sake of a name we shall call him Mr. E. Gotts, of The White House, Gambles Green, Terling, in Essex.

This months UK FM group meeting in Chiswick was the usual bore, but we were pleased to hear ourselves mentioned by many; our representatives at this meeting were hesitant as to weather or not to take a bow!

Some good suggestions were however made by the speaker.

KMD 990 (pronounced KMDee niner niner zero) has decided to take a rest but will be back on soon, and Sexy Samantha would like to announce that she is not called Vicky, but wonders who she does sound like? She will be active until July 1st, when she takes up a post near GB3PI as the Cambridge Anti Repeater Group representative. Congratulations Samantha. I’ve no room for any more news, but if you wish to contact the ARG, listen on R7 any evening, or write to PO Box 49, Aberdeen, in Scotland.

Best 69s

The London ARG.

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