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Legal Advice

OK, so you’ve been caught. Maybe you’ve spent the night in the cells, and made a statement. Now you’ve done it! No way out. You’ve tucked yourself up like the proverbial kipper!

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Rule number one. Say NOTHING. Do not answer any questions. Do not make a statement and be prepared to sit tight. Make a phone call to a friend or fellow member and tell him what has happened. He can then appoint a solicitor on your behalf who can plead ‘Habeas Corpus" and get you out on police bail.

The nature of the offence is that someone has to say that they physically saw you operating a transmitter and simultaneously heard your signal on the repeater causing interference. The nature of any tape recording they have made will establish weather or not it was deliberate.

Your solicitor should know what to look for in finding legal holes in their case. Your defence in keeping mum is that you were frightened to say anything in case it was misconstrued. You had never been arrested before and didn’t know the system.


When you are cautioned by the police, they will ask you if you understand the caution. You may answer yes to this and confirm your name and address.

There are many police tactics to get people to talk. Even if your convinced they know everything.......The bastard and the nice bloke, banging you in the cells etc. Be prepared to just sit it out. If you remain intransigent, they will get pissed off sooner or later and finally let you go, maybe on police bail, but you will be out. Nothing is off the record in a police station, even if the tape recorder is turned off. Even subjects that are not connected with the offence, may seem harmless to talk about, they are just sussing you out. They may accuse you of being a terrorist, and you may say "No I’m not. I was just jamming the repeater". They will try everything.

Be polite, even to the bastard, but don’t be led on. "No comment" to every question. They have to prove their case, not the other way around.