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Why The DTI Canít be Bothered


To put it in context:-

The more time you spend in the police station, the more money itís costing the tax payer. The more resources the police and DTI put in, the more expensive their escapade becomes.

When itís reviewed, what has been the upshot of their efforts? Usually a fine that would not cover their overall costs. Court costs, yes, but not departmental costs, petrol, overtime etc. You are not a murderer or even a dangerous criminal, you are not fiddling the tax payer out of millions. They are not interested in squabbles between radio amateurs as long as you leave other frequencies alone.

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The other reason is that, it is not a source of great revenue, i.e. Taxi & Commercial, Television and business licenses. It is just a hobby, although some hams would argue that repeaters are useful for emergencies. They are just posers. Anybody who uses a ham repeater for an emergency is an idiot, especially in a built up area. This is not a big country and a phone is never far away when one has to be found, especially now we have cell phones, or somebody with a cell phone. For the time it takes to relay a message via a third party, it would have been quicker to find a telephone in most cases.

A custodial sentence so far as I know has never been given to a person convicted of jamming repeaters. A first offence is usually a fine and revoking the amateur license if you have one. You may even not lose your transmitter.