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Damaging Repeaters


The Repeater Defeaters are a militant breakaway group who had decided to go one step further and cause physical damage to repeaters. This was understood but never endorsed by the ARG.

To date their activities included the burning down of GB3SN, cutting the antenna cable of this repeater twice, physically removing GB3WL from its location at Hillingdon Hospital, although I believe it was eventually found, (in pieces I think),and other criminal activities. Nobody knows who these people are and where or when they may strike next.

arg6.JPG (75847 bytes)

Not all of their work has been publicised by amateurs and it is believed that they are still active today.

The Repeater Defeaters are an extremist group and as such are a completely separate organisation to the ARG. The ARG justifies itself, if it has to, in this way:-

Although communications through repeaters are disrupted, there is no physical evidence, except maybe tape recordings, that anything has taken place. Nobody goes away with a permanent loss, either of property or life.

I have spoken to a repeater defeater who argues his case along the same lines as the IRA

"Hit them in the pocket!", he says, "As long as no-one is injured, damaging repeaters costs the repeater groups money, so we hit them in the pocket. This hurts them more than just jamming. People who jam repeaters, just increase their resolve to keep them."

In a way I suppose he’s right. A repeater in the north, I forget which, has been turned off permanently and the repeater working group has been disbanded due to lack of interest. If this repeater had been jammed, it would of at least been used by the people jamming it and caused unnecessary attention to the repeater itself, probably making local users more determined to get through.