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Many of our members are not anti-repeater, they are just anti-anorak. They see a wind-up as just taking the piss out of the stuffed shirts and enjoying every minute of it. To them repeaters are an amusing form of 'in-car' entertainment.

Another myth, is that jammers are non-licensed. The majority of people who jam are licensed amateurs, only a small minority are unlicensed. These are usually friends of licensed amateurs who have been introduced to repeaters while out for a drink. Many go on to become licensed.

Most hams have a 'hang-up' about something or another. Normally it's no big deal to us, but to the ham it's usually pretty important.

If you can find his 'hang-up, it's usually fairly easy to get him worked-up about it. This then turns into a slanging match and is great fun to argue the devils advocate approach. Such subjects as drink-driving, Sailing, Shooting, motorbikes etc., it's easy to see what they have a passion for, just argue against it and you'll see how quickly they lose their temper. Religion is also quite good, politics, not so easy unless it's racist. The terms of the amateur license restricts free speech, so the conversations are usually boring. Get them to talk about something interesting and they're normally breaking their license conditions.

Hams are usually fairly gullible and inexperienced in sex. Sex is usually fairly taboo so it's usually a good start to a jamming session. Years ago Sexy Samantha had various repeaters turned off for her graphic description of child birth! Not so easy these days though.

Amateurs are very hardened to repeater abuse these days so they're not so easy to wind-up. In the countryside, some repeaters never see any abuse, so these are usually quite entertaining to wind-up, but in towns they get abuse all the time. In this case a better approach is the blank carrier. I've found it causes much frustration and in its own way becomes entertaining because of this.

arg13.JPG (57220 bytes)

Broadcasting continuous music or material also causes a great deal of disruption, especially if you have 'listen-through'.

Listen-through, enables you to monitor your transmissions via the repeater output, so if you're not getting through, maybe because the repeater has timed-out, you will notice. Dropping carrier and then inserting a 1750 Hz tone normally will bring it back up again. If another ham is stronger into the repeaters receiver than you, you will hear him instead of the material that you are putting out.

Listen-through is quite difficult mobile, because the transmitter normally de-senses the receiver, especially if the two antennas are close together. If you have a mobile friend, a good wheeze is to get him to park up about 100 yards away from your vehicle with his Rx listening to the repeater output. If your getting in, over the top, as we say in the ARG, get him to flash his lights. If your being beaten, then his hazards etc. You can work out your own system.

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