We seen our Eskimo friend, Glenda again this time. Her husband is a famous artist, and he sent us a signed picture of an Indian mother and baby

July 4th at JSC ranch is always exciting. Here Brent and Uncle Kennett set off lots of firecrackers from Brent's barn balcony. We had around 50 attended this year
Brent sang with Hendrix Trio, on the boat, as well as us and also ran sound for everyone. Here he's pictured with Ryan and Ranessa Hendrix along with Rhonda and Bobby in the Princess showroom. The kids sang "The Walmart song", and brought the house down
Some of our 75 passengers that went on the cruise with us, at the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. Juneau is the only state capital where you cannot drive a car and get there. You must ride a plane or boat. Bro. Green from the church, picked up 7 of us and took us sight seeing until it was time to sing at his church that evening. We hurridly packed up and got back to our ship in time to sail away, that night.
Look at the beautiful snow capped mountains behind me, Nella, in Skagway, Alaska. This was our 3rd time to be in this port, but it was no less beautiful. Ask us about the funny story about Rhonda, our sister and the Hazel Nut Creme she bought here
Tracy Arms,m AK is a huge glacier, which is ice thats been frozen for hundreds of years. Our Captain broke a record that day, getting that big ship closer than any other of it's size. It was cold, but the seals were swimming around with their young
At the "Loggers Show", Brent was picked from the crowd to throw the axe. He won for our side and lacked 2 points breaking a record!
Hendrix Family & JSC in front of our ship "Princess Star" and the limo we rode into British Columbia, to see the town
While in Juneau, the pastor took us to an old gold mine, that is now a "Salmon Bake". The salmon and halibut was out of this world!