Cruise 2002 Photos

Jenkins family reunion in the moutains of NM this year was powdered lightly with snow! The kids and Aunt Nella and Anut Angie loved it, but skinny Uncle Brent stayed inside the big cook tent, close to the warm cook stove!
Angie baby sister, Tonya, celebrated Birth Days in the camp site this year. Jackie and the Kids cooked 2 cakes and beat them by hand! Yes, that's Angie in the red bandana. Don't tell her I put this picture on the internet. She will kill me!
Angie and I (Nella) had a tire blowout and had 5 men stop to help us. Aint' bad odds for 2 Old Maids! HUH?
Hendrix Trio from Texarkana, AR hosted a "Gospel Christmas" Gaither style singing. JSC was happy to be a part of the Choir and one of the featured guest Groups. Rhonda Jenkins Hendrix directed the choir, while Bobby Hendrix arranged it all. Also, during the break the "12 Days of Christmas-Southern Gospel Style" written by the Jenkins Sisters & Company, was performed, amidst much laughter.
Thanksgiving was a blessing this year. Our elderly parents are now living next door, so we were thankful for that. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day at our oldest brother's house, Larry. (Pictured far left). Linda, his wife allways sets a beautiful table. Nella, Momma Joyce, Daddy Howard, Angie, Larry.
In Jal, NM there is a neat iron statue grouping in which 13 cows and several cowboys on horses is erected. Angie is pictured here standing below one the cowboys.