Cruise 2002 Photos

7 "young uns" in our family is pictured here with Mom and Dad at Christmas 2002. Larry, oldest, then Angie, Judy, Nella, Rhonda, Ken and Tonya sitting by Mom and Dad is the baby.
Nella, Mom, Dad, Angie &Larry.
Evelyn and Brandon are two little fans at Radiant Life A/G. Evelyn knows all our songs by heart and sings along. Brandon loves "Buddy" as he calls Brent and when Brent gave him a toy car, he ask "Are ya gonna bring me another one next time you come?"
Mom Joyce Jenkins 73 and Daddy Howard Jenkins 76 Christmas 2002. We are glad our parents are still with us!
Sonshine Gospel Music Barn is out in the middle of a wheat field, and was decorated for Christmas when we sang there. Deanna McCann took the pictures.