God –
The function and meaning of the God

by Dnyaneshwar Barve
G – Generator

O – Operator

D – Destructor

We say that there are three stages of each thing e.g. Utpatti (Generation, Sthithi (operation) and laya (destruction). The same is applicable to the human being and the human life on the earth. God is doing these three operations through some body i.e. Bramha. Vishnu and Mahesh.

Now let us see what is God and how he is.

As said earlier we say he is nirakar (without any shape). That means there is no typical shape. The human beings are sakar, as there is typical shape of body by which the name is known irrespective whether mankind or animals. The power, Chetana, cheytanyna in the body is called as Atma, soul, e.g. Let us take PC. PC mainly comprises of CPU, Keyboard, monitor, hard disc, mouse etc. Though each and every thing is important the main important thing is power, or energy. If there is no power, PC is dead. In fact PC might have been invented on the line of human body and atma. Hard disc is like memory, brain. Only difference is that we can delete memory in PC but cannot delete memory from our brain.

We say God is param atma.i.e. super soul. That it self indicates that the super soul is different than soul. Therefore we say that there are three things, which are Anadi, (has no starting and no end) i.e. Atma, prakruti (Nature/Universe) and parmatma. Out of these three first two are transformable where as third one is not transformable. We also say parmatma as purush. Refer Purushsukta.

Therefore paramatma is purush (Male) and atma is stree, female. It is also said that srushti and human beings have been created through the sankalp (thought) of Paramatma. Science has talked about big bang theory. It says that this has been created due to the explosion of atom. Due to the explosion atom got expanded and then got in two pieces. Due to the dust in the atmosphere earth and other planets have been formed. This theory is also incomplete, as the question remains unanswered that form where dust particles came. That’s why theory of anadi is better. This can be supported by the following example.

Suppose a writer writes a novel. The novel is very much interesting. In this novel there is love, hetrate, horror, joy and sorrow. All these feelings have been expressed through the medium of different characters. Some, may be with loving, some may be with hetrate and so on. If we ask why the writer made a particular character weep and other to laugh. The answer is very difficult but still simple. That is,it was a wish or sankalp of the writer. While reading the novel do we see the characters? No. Still we experience their feelings and get involved.

God’s creation is just like that. We say god nirakar as he is avyakt.

What he does?

God is the source of energy. Suppose our battery is down and it is rechargeable, then what we do. We put the battery in charger and this charger is connected to the power point. Then the battery is charged. The purpose of pooja if done in the right spirit is to charge our battery of atma. By doing so many day-to-day things and due to various bondages the battery of atma gets discharged and therefore needs charging. This can be better done by meditation.

How God looks and where he is?

We cannot see the God with our normal eyes. But still he is there. We say that there are bacterias, we cannot see them with normal eye. We need microscope to see them. On the same line to see the God, we should open Dnyanchakshu, i.e. eye of knowledge. We say Shankar has third eye, once it is opened then every thing is burnt. What does it mean? Suppose we are Shankar, and if we open or somebody opens our third eye of knowledge then all the confusion gets burnt. We can see every thing clear. That is called as atmagyan, (knowledge of soul). God is to be seen though Atma. Atma is also so small i.e. like atom. Atom word perhaps came with reference to Atma. Sant Tukaram (A saint in Maharashtra/India) has explained about Atma with these few lines –
Anu renu ya thokada Tuka akasha evadha - Atma is smaller than Anu/ Atom, but it is also equal to the sky. That means powerful and unlimited. It is located in the forehead in between the eyebrows. That’s why in the Indian culture; there is a custom to put kumkum or Tilak on the forehead, in the remembrance of Atma. We will have to become soul cautious from body cautious.

In the other line it is said –
Giluni sandile kalevar, bhav, bhramacha akar. Sandili triputi Deep ujale ghati.

The root cause of all the worries, sorrow is I, My body. If it is known and confirmed (Nischaya) that I am different than body. I have taken this body temporarily, which was very small when I was child, then young and when the body becomes old I say I am old. The person who says I am child, young and old is Atma who never becomes old. It experiences all the feeling through a medium of mind. When mind gives the feeling of happiness he is happy, and so on. Actually the mind is a tool for Atma to experience. Due to body cautiousness Atma becomes slave to mind than master. Soul cautiousness helps Atma to become master of mind and then it can experience bliss till he is soul cautious. After this triputi, i.e. three vikar, Kam,(lust)Krodh (anger)and Moha (greed)will be deleted and then there will be knowledge of light. Ref: Sandili triputi, Deep ujale ghati.

Let us celebrate Diwali not only lighting the lamps but also lighting the lamp of knowlwdge of light of our own and lighting the lamps for others with our lamp.

With our atmagyan the Narakasur (Naraka/Hell), which is the symbol of all vices, will be killed. We will become free from all vices and can experience bliss (Swarga). He will be alive again due to Maya, for this purpose instead of celebrating Diwali every year, let us celebrate every day, Every moment and let our light be lighting forever. To protect it from the winds of bad thoughts, Vikar, vices we will charge our battery by making connection with super power, i.e. Param atma. In the interest of society, ancients might have started to clean the house, city on the occasion of Diwali for better environment. This practice has been continued and the idea behind this is lost.

That is the idea behind Diwali.

Wish you all very happy Diwali, by real means.
This article was written and submitted by Dnyaneshwar Barve.
You can contact him at: dpbarve@yahoo.com

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