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Before this page begins, I thank Goddess Banashankaridevi for allowing the circumstance that the contributor Pramod and I have met through the Internet. He had been gracious enough to transliterate and translate a book cover from Kannada to English which I had gotten from Bangalore.

See this site for the English transliterated version of Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram.
Below is the full image of the book cover, click for larger version. Left image is front cover, right image is back cover.

Text is on the top of the front cover:

Kannada Transliteration: Shri Lalitha Sahasranama


Lalitha is another name for Goddess Banashankari.
Sahasranama means One Thousand Names.
Sahasra -> One Thousand
Nama -> Names
Lalithasahasranama is a Shloka which is very good to recite. It beautifully describes the qualities, the power, the calmness, the angry looks of the Goddess.
Text is on the bottom of the front cover:

Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Satsanga
No, 1339, 26th Main Road, Banashankari II stage
Bangalore – 560 070

This is an organisation called “Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Satsanga” and the address of this place is also mentioned.
Sath means “Good”
Sanga means “Company”
Satsanga means good company where like minded devotees of the Goddess meet.
Text is on the bottom of the back cover:

Kannada Transliteration: Sarva Dhukka Nivrathvartham Soumya Dhurgam. Namaamyaham.

Interpretation: Salutations to the tranquil faced Goddess who clears ALL the sorrows of mankind.

Sarva Dhukka -> ALL Sorrows
Nivrathvartham -> Clears or Demolishes
Soumya -> Tranquil or Serene or Calm
Dhurgam -> Another name for the Goddess (Goddess Durga)
Namaamyaham -> Salutations.

Again, thanks to Pramod for providing his time and effort in this.

Other Notes on this information:
I had only been able to acquire this part of the book. I do not have the contents, unfortunately. I assume the book had the prayer "Lalithâ Sahasranâma" in it. You can find the English transliteration on the Sri Vidya website. I hope this is useful.

However, if anyone out there would like to share any images of Banashakari devi, her image, temple or festival information or any thing related, please email me at
Thank you!
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