Vinzai Devi
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Vinzai devi is Durga devi. Thus the slain animal which she has at her feet is a buffalo, the buffalo form has been taken by the devil 'Mahisasur'. The battle is described in the Devi Mahatmaya.

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The words above Devi state the devi and place of devi, (transliterated) “Sri Vinzai Devi- Taamahini – Pune.”

The mantra written under devi is (translilterated) "Aum Aiem Hirim Kleem Chamundaye Vichaye,: this too is the mantra for Durga Devi.
This mantra is made up of four fundamental building block (bij or seed) mantra as:-

Aum: Supreme word/ sound; Scientifically it is called Brownian motion, discovered in 1827 by the English botanist Robert Brown. The first mathematical theory of Brownian motion was developed by Einstein in 1905. For this work he received the Nobel prize.

Aiem: This is the Saraswati mantra and is used to remove ignorance with knowledge.

Hirim: This is the Bhuvaneshwari mantra and is used to develop Concentration of the mind.

Kleem: This is the Kali mantra and is used to remove anger and greed.

Chamunda is one of the names of Durga Devi.

There is a temple dedicated to Vinzai Devi in the village Tamhini near Mulshi in Pune District.
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