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Size (23x35)
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Rugrats Adventure Game
Windows or Mac CD Rom
Rugrats Adventure Game is the first software game that lets kids join a 3D adventure with Tommy, Chuckie and the gang. The aliens and their evil queen, Angeleeka, are about to take over the earth and it's up to kids to stop them! In order to win, kids must solve more than 30 puzzles, games and activities like grabbing Grandpa's teeth right out of his mouth, figuring out how to master the G.R.O.S. 2000 garbage machine, and rescuing Reptar from Hubert the Trash Monster. But the biggest adventure, and the most challenging one, will be getting Angelica to help! Rugrats Adventure Game also includes multiple skill levels for kids of all ages and an automatic game-save feature.
Rugrats Print Shop
Windows or Mac CD Rom
Free Bean Bag Plush Toy with Purchase! No playpen can hold back these babies! They've busted out -- and you can put them everywhere! Design and print thousands of different Rugrats projects. Take Tommy to school, let Chuckie announce your birthday plans, even stick Angelica on envelopes and mail her to your friends!
Rugrats Movie for Color Game Boy
Game Boy Cartridge
The Rugrats Movie allows players to take control of Angelica, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil and lead them through wacky adventures inspired by Nickelodeon’s Emmy award-winning animated series. You'll have to dodge spiders, avoid birds, and even outwit disillusioned genies. This game is simple enough for young players, but it does have a bit of depth to keep older gamers interested for a while. The Rugrats Movie is packed with ten levels of infantile insanity, with three difficulty levels to choose from. This title is backwards-compatible with all pre- existing Game Boy units.
Rugrats Scavenger Hunt for N64
N64 Cartridge
Looking for some fun? Players will control their favorite characters, including Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil, and Lil, as they go on a series of wacky adventures based on Nickelodeon's Emmy award-winning series.
Rugrats Search for Reptar for Playstation
Playstation CD Rom
Rugrats, a third person, action-adventure, is a game where everyday happenings turn into wild, comic adventures. Players control their favorite characters as they go on a series of wacky adventures. Oh no! Tommy has lost his Reptar puzzle pieces. Join Tommy and the rest of the Rugrats babies as they search for the missing pieces everywhere from the Pickles' backyard to outer space in the RUGRATS: SEARCH FOR REPTAR game.
Rugrats Movie Activity Challenge
Windows or Mac CD Rom
The Rugrats Movie Activity Challenge features six original games inspired by The Rugrats Movie™, the first animated feature film about a contemporary family's greatest adventure - a new baby. The Pickles' have a new bundle of joy, baby Dil, which means Tommy, Chuckie and their friends have a new bundle of adventures.
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The Rugrat Movie
The big news for the movie is that Tommy gets a new baby brother, named Dylan (or Dil for short). The rest of the film has no real plot but is a series of adventures as the clan gets lost in the forest riding an inventive Reptar wagon that is the '90s equivalent of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Parents search for the kids, the kids learn new lessons, everyone goes home happy.
A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do! (Movie)
Three episodes from the popular animation series comprise this video: the fun "Touchdown Tommy," the spooky "Monster in the Garage," and "Let There Be Light," a Rugrats-style inquiry into the question of where light goes at night. This hopping show also includes two visits from a superhero, "Inside-Out Boy." As always, the stars are 1-year-old Tommy Pickles and his baby friends, who become mysteriously talkative when there are no adults around.
A Day in the Life of Tommy (Book)
"You can't seize the day in a playpen!" So says Tommy Pickles, and readers will find out why as they join in the activities of their favorite Rugrat in "A Day in the Life of Tommy". From planning his escapes out of the playpen to exploring with his pals Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, Tommy has an action-packed day--especially when Angelica is around. This light-hearted look at 24 hours in Tommy's life is one no Rugrats fan will want to miss! Illustrations.
Major League Dads: (Rugrats-Ready-To-Read, No 7) (Book)
When the Rugrats and their fathers spend Father's Day at a baseball game, the babies' usual misunderstandings have a happy ending. Includes an easy-to-apply and easy-to-wash-off tattoo. Full color.
Thank You, Angelica (The Rugrat Book of Manners, No 7)
The masters of pint-size mayhem star in this hilarious duo of original stories. When Spike suddenly--and temporarily--loses his vision in "Sight for Sore Eyes", the whole gang is determined to find a cure for him. "Thank You, Angelica: The Rugrats' Book of Manners" chronicles sly Angelica's uphill battle to instill good manners in the babies--with unexpected results. Full color.
The Rugrats Movie: Music From the Motion Picture
This soundtrack includes the songs: "Take Me There", "This World is Something New to Me", "Witch Doctor", "Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Yum", plus lots more!
Music From Rugrats: A Live Adventure
Includes the songs: "The Mover's Rap", "Nothing to be Escared Of", "Shine Your Light", "Princess of the World", plus many more!
(No Picture Available)In Search of Mighty Reptar (Music)
Not Available until July 20, But you can place your order now! Includes: "Journey to the Center of the Basement", "Reptar on Ice", and more!

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