Winner for November 1999: Natalie
"The Pet Store"
"Stu honey, come here I have to talk to you." called Didi. "Sure hun what's on your mind?" said Stu. "I think Tommy and Dil need a new pet." she answered. "But Didi they have ole Spike here what's wrong with him?" asked Stu. "Oh Stu he's just so big and in the latest edition of Lipschitz it says, "If ze shild needs za pet simply get vone his pr her size." she said in her best Dr. Lipschitz voice. "Oh okay I will round up the kids." said Stu. When Didi told Bettty and Harold about it they said "Would you get a small puppy for the kids and we will pay ya back." and of course the answer was yes. Then Chaz called and asked for a small kitten. They said yes to that too. So Stu and Didi got all of the kids into the car and drove to "Pet Palace". "Oh this is so eggctin'" said Tommy. "Yep I'm gonna get a cute cuddly kitty." said Chuckie. "And were gonna get a puppy dog!" said Phil and Lil and the same time. "Were here!" sang Didi. The parents went around and put the kids in strollers. "Okay let's go." said Stu. They first went to the puppies fo Phil and LIl. "Okay you two agree on one of the small ones on the bottom ok?" said Didi and they nodded their heads. Phil wanted a chihuia and Lil wanted a great dane. Finally Didi decided for them so they got a miniature collie named Max. Next they went down the kitty isle for Chuckie. He quickly found the one he wanted. It was yellow with orange stripes named Tiger. "Okay Tommy and Dilly what do you want?" Stu asked. "Monkey monkey!" shouted DIl. "No, no monkies." said Didi. Tommy pointed to an isle full of birds. "This one." said Tommy pointing to a small cage with a parakeet sitting on a perch. "oh Tommy that is a very good choice. Okay kids lets go." Stu said. He got up to the cashier and said, "Okay we have one parakeet, one kitten, and one miniature collie." "OK that'll be 33.59 sir." said the women at the counter. "HUH?" said Stu. "Ok here ya go." he said alittle upsettly. In the car they had a big problem. Max kept trying to get Tiger who was trying to get Rainbow (the parakeet) "Oh no!" shouted Tommy. Stu stopped the car and put Max in the back seat, Tiger in his lap, and Didi held Rainbow. When they finally got home everybody elses' parents came to get their kids and new pets. They each tanked the Pickles and paid them and went home. "Boy am I glad that's over." said Tommy. And they went to play with Rainbow.