Tommy Pickles is the leader of the Rugrats and Chuckie's best friend. He is the one year old son of Stu and Didi Pickles. He's very brave and adventurous. Tommy's favorite saying is, "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!"

Chuckie is the two year old son of Charles Finster. He is a worry wart and a scaredy cat. He's Tommy's best friend. Chuckie is always saying..."I don't think that's such a good idea..".

Angelica is the three year old daughter of Drew and Charolette Pickles. She's a brat who always wants things her way. She loves cookies, and usually eats too many! She loves to boss the other babies around and is famous for says..."You dumb babies!"

Phil and Lil are fifteen month old twins that live next door to the Pickles. Their parents are Betty and Howard. Phil and Lil act alike and think alike. They love bugs and mudpies. When they get mad at each other they call each other by their full names....Phillip and Lillian.

Dil Pickles is Tommy's new brother. He was first introduced in The Rugrats Movie. He is a typical 3-month old who wants everything he sees and will do anything to get it...including throwing tantrums. The babies find his tantrums very annoying. Dil is known for saying......"Mine!"

All of the other Rugrats look up to Susie. They think she is very smart...after all, she is three years old. Susie stands up for what is right---which often puts her right in Angelica's way.

Grandpa Lou lives at the Pickles' house. He often babysits for the "sprouts". You can usually find him napping in front of the television...even when he's supposed to be babysitting.

Spike is the Pickles' family dog. Like most other dogs, Spike's main interest is food. He and Tommy are very close friends.

Charolette is Angelica's mom. She's always talking to Jonathan on her cellular phone. She works alot and feels guilty about it, so she's always buying Angelica presents....which suits Angelica just fine!

Drew is Angelica's dad and Stu's brother. He is an investment banker. He thinks that Angelica is such an angel....I think he's fooled!

Howard is Phil and and Lil's dad. Unlike his wife Betty, he is quite and shy.

Betty is the mother of Phil and Lil. She's big and loud. She and Didi are best friends.

Stu is Tommy and Dil's Dad. He is an inventor, and is constantly inventing something useful for the babies. He and his brother his brother Drew are usually fighting over something.

Didi is Tommy and Dil's mother. She and Betty are best friends. She's always consutling Dr. Lipshitz whenever she thinks that one of the babies has a problem.

Charles (Chaz) is Chuckie's father and you can tell it by looking at the two of them. Chas is allergic to animals, rich foods and any kind of stress.

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