……..Pamela Britton: Performer of Theatre and Screen

In portraying landlady Loralee Brown, Pamela Britton brought a unique and endearing charm to her character, which served to balance the exasperating situations her presence sometimes caused in the plot.


Pamela Britton launched her theatre career appearing on the stage as Ado Anne in the Chicago company of Oklahoma, followed by Guys And Dolls and then Brigadoon on Broadway.


She appeared in notable films such as Anchor’s Aweigh (1945) in which she played the Brooklyn gal who, after listening to Frank Sinatra croon to her, sighs, "Gee, you sing like a boid.." In 1950 Ms. Britton co-starred in D.O.A. one of the first of the "film noir" genre, and in that same year she appeared in Key to the City which starred Clark Gable.

. In 1957 Ms. Britton starred in the title role in the TV series Blondie based on the comic strip characters.


…..Cast as Mrs. Brown, Tim’s landlady, Ms. Britton portrayed Loralee with an outgoing personality brimming with illogical logic. Ms. Britton convinced the producer that a more youthful Mrs. Brown would create more possibilities in the storylines. This proved correct as a number of episodes involved the matrimonial-minded landlady pursuing the eligible (but unknown to her) Martian bachelor. Ms. Britton’s musical comedy skills were utilized in the MFM "Go West.." episode which had her portray a western dance hall gal.

in "Go West.."…….>>>>>



After My Favorite Martian went off the air, Pamela Britton returned to performing in regional stage productions and also appeared in the popular 1969 film, If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.


In 1973, Ms. Britton made a guest appearance on Bill Bixby’s series, The Magician.




Achieving great popularity in her role as My Favorite Martian’s landlady Mrs. Brown, Pamela Britton’s skills at creating variations of "off-beat blondes" proved highly successful throughout her career, both on stage and screen.  


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The Paley Center for Media in New York City has the following programs featuring

Ms. Britton’s work:

77 Sunset Strip

My Favorite Martian (in archive collection)




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