The Time Machine


Traveling back through time called for a variety of costumes:


Time Out for Martian (1215)


...((with William Baskin)...(with Ann Wakefield)

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 photo © estate of Ray Walston

(added 10/27/10 with special thanks to Peter Greenwood)



 Go West, Young Martian (1849)




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(with Alan Hewitt)>>>>>>>>>.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*>(added 10/10/08)


..added 7/10/06. 

 photographs © Jack Chertok Productions, Inc.


 Martin of the Movies (1925) 

(with Arlene Martel)

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Pay the Man the 24 Dollars (1626)


 photographs © Jack Chertok Productions, , Inc.


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