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These icons are based on the comic book, "Johnny The Homocidal Maniac" It's a great book with one or two morally conflicting viewpoints. These are only B&W for you dinosaur Mac users. 16 icons.


Most of you comic book fans have heard of Joe Madureira's "Battle Chasers" and this small icon set is dedicated to this less-than-punctual masterpiece. 12 icons.


Icons made in the likeness of the famous Japanese cartoon characters, Dragonball Z! 19 icons.


Abstract paintings. Sure, they're cool, so why hasn't anybody thought of this before? Abstract painting ICONS. These are all original art by me. 15 icons.

sorry, no preview,

Pokémon Red!!! I've started collecting Pokémonsters for this set, but jeez, there's 150 of them, so it'll take 2 sets to collect them all!

sorry, no preview,

Pokémon Blue!!! I've finished collecting Pokémonsters for this set, so here you go! the last of all of the pokémon, all here!


Photographic icons. I was informed and realized lately that there weren't very many (good) photographic icons out there, so i thought i'd make some. 30 icons


Flu season. I'm sure we're all feeling the pains of the oncoming seasons, and we're all sick because of it. Well, these icons are just what the doctor ordered! 14 icons


Appliance Heads.These icons were made specifically for pixelpalooza 2000. So, ask me why I didn't make an icon-dropper set for it. Why did I make it a 256-color set?
I wanted this set to be very nice, yet still very basic. 12 icons.

You might have to hold the option key and click on the link to get these to download properly.
All files require stuffit expander 5 to open! Sorry, PC users, no icons for you.

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