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This is just the beginning of the things I'm going to complain about. Anyway, full speed ahead.


Smitty's Restaurant in Regina Saskatchewan.

Last September I went to Smitty's in the GoldenMile. I ordered one of the breakfast specials. It came with eggs, hashbrowns, coffee and sausages.

The sausages were my problem. I had ordered them grilled and not deep-fried. I don't like deep fried sausages and really who does? Now this was actually my third time at Smitty's and my third time ordering grilled sausages.

The first two times I ordered them this way I got them deep fried, then split down the middle and grilled. How is that not deep-fried!?! I complained and was given some lame excuse about it being faster. I said that I would have waited, all they had to do was tell me it would take longer. They offered to take them back and fix it or give me something else. Since I was eating with someone else I didn't want to take the time so each of these two times I just ended up eating a breakfast I wasn't happy with.

This third time is the kicker. I ordered them grilled not deep-fried. "I don't care if it takes longer, thatís the way I want it. If you can't do it that way I'll order something else."

"No problem" says the waitress, "people ask for that all the time."

I couldn't believe it! I was going to get what I wanted. Boy was I ever an idiot.

I got my sausages. They were deep-fried, split down the middle, then grilled.

I complained to the manager. She wouldn't do anything for me. I complained some more. Nothing. I did'nt give up and finally, finally she offered to separate my order and charge me for each thing individually. Now we were getting somewhere.

"Ok! So how much will my bill be?"


"But the special is only $3.99!" I was stunned, not just stunned but as they say in America "Fucking stunned".

I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to get any satisfaction. So I said, " you realize I'm never coming back don't you?" She didn't care.

As I was leaving, she even had the balls to sing out to me "SOR--REE"

"SHOOOVE IIITT" I sang back.

I never went back and I don't think I ever will.


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