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MSRP $12.95                                            (WTH1001)
WAV samples (@ 30 secs)
11khz 8bit Mono
Cast Your Spell 250kb
Things Could Get Worst 290kb
You've Got It All 265kb
Worst Of It Yet 265kb
Got To Have Somebody 265kb
Hurtin' Game 310kb
Long, Long Time Ago 314kb
Hard Luck and Whiskey 236kb
Killing Streak 325kb
This Shot's No Good 268kb
I'm Gone 283kb
   This is my first release for WithTheseHandsMUSIC and it has been a real pleasure working with the many talented people within this company.

    I've been playin' the blues for over 25 years and that's a lot of music with a lot of great players, but the line-up on this CD is my all-star team.

   Starting with a rhythm section of Don Swanson and Lou Castro, the word solid has a new definition. Jeffrey Barr'spiano and B-3 work surpasses his brilliance with Mick Taylor and Jerry Groom, something I would never have believed possible. The guest appearance of John "Juke" Logan on "This Shot's No Good"  makes it obvious why he's the most sought after harp man in the business. Paul Heftis' horn arrangements prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

   With all these great musicians, I knew I had to bring my guitar and vocal work up a notch to be worthy of leading this band. 

    Byl Carruthers has been with me for most of my career. After writting all this material and assembling my basic unit, I knew he was the only one to produce "hurtin' game". Byl's mastery of sound and style opens up my songs,  giving them the life I was looking for.

      I hope you enjoy "hurtin' game" as much as I enjoyed making it. Every member of the team gave it all he had, so listen up and listen loud.

Best of the Blues,

Jeff Taylor - home of the blues
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