Another Honda Lover's Myth: Hondas and Acuras are quicker in a drag race than other cars

Look at the stock 1/4 mile times of Honda's cars vs. other manufacturers:
Car Price as Tested (US) 0-60(sec.s) Elapsed time 1/4 mile Horsepower Info Source
'97 Acura Integra Type R $25,435 7.0 15.30@93.4 MPH 195@8000 RPM MotorTrend
'96 Ford Mustang Cobra $25,630 5.5 14.0@101.7MPH 305@5800 RPM MotorTrend
'98 Chevy Camaro Z28 $24,340 5.2 13.34@105.75 MPH 305@5200 RPM Hot Rod
'95 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX $25,020 7.0 15.4 210 Road & Track
'95 Honda Civic EX Coupe $14,812 9.1 16.8 127 Road & Track
'97 Plymouth Neon Highline $12,770 7.5 15.8@86.1 MPH 150 MotorTrend

If you believe what the Honda and Acura guys say, Hondas and Acuras are great cars to modify for drag racing, and that they are always so much faster than the V8 powered Camaro or Mustang. This is pure fantasy.

Honda engines can be built to produce high horsepower numbers, but the cost is very high. For the same price as one Honda engine, two more durable American V8 engines could be built. Click here for more details

Hondas, and all front-wheel drive cars, for that matter, have very little traction in a drag racing situation. Under acceleration, weight transfer shifts to the rear wheels,away from the drive wheels of a FWD car. Plus, most FWD cars have open differentials, so they don't even get power to both front wheels if one wheel spins.

Read this account of what went on at a recent "Import Drags" event. Notice that it was the VW Bugs, not the Honda Civic or Acura Integras that dominated.

A lot of Honda fans have written me saying, "Look the import drag racers are running 8 second 1/4 miles!" But they're forgetting that the fastest import drag race cars are Mazda RX-7s, NOT HONDAS. I don't know how they could confuse an RX-7 with a Honda...

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