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Hand painted Porcelain and Ceramic

I hand painted my own China Porcelain and Ceramic pieces during many years, and I also presented these at many public galleries. The comments of the people that visited them helped me a lot to continue and improve my techniques.

I was told that many people visit the Internet Sites; perhaps someone will visit this, and that is why I decided to show them some of the pieces that I have made, with the hope of receiving comments and continue improving my work.

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I have to tell that some designs are not completely of my own creation; ideas had been taken from magazines like The China Decorator, Porcelain Painting, Scandinavian Porcelain Magazine, The British Porcelain Artist, the Esther Batista da Silva's books, etc..

Foto Silvia Silvia Morelli , Capitán Bermúdez, Santa Fe, Argentina.

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