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06/21/99: Updated the Member Page.

05/05/99: One year online! O joyous day!

12/18/98: Corrected the acronyms for GIF and JPEG. Also, I added Katey to the member page a few days ago.

11/25/98: Added Brian Peterson to the Member and ICQ pages.

10/15/98: Added Igor to the Member Page.

09/01/98: Added Patrick to the Bootleg Traders Page.

08/27/98: Removed someone from the Bootleg Traders page (phew, I'm surprised I could do all that updating in one day!)

08/25/98: Added a new question to the FAQ, and fixed a few spelling errors.

08/22/98: I haven't had any submissions, additions or real updates in a month! Someone send me something to add. Also, if anyone can think of new sections to add to this site, I'm listening.

07/22/98: Added Garrett to the Member Page, and a submission he made to the Hall Of Fame.

07/19/98: Added to the FAQ, Acronym, Thanks and Hall Of Fame pages.

07/18/98: Changed the Hall Of Fame format a little, and added a bunch of posts to it, mostly belonging to Chris Lawrence.

07/13/98: Added Alex Bender to the AMN Member Page, and added the fact that ICQ is actually a pun! (sorry if I sound too excited... I just really like puns... they are the life of a party, after all)

07/11/98: Added Tym Clarkin to the ever popular Member Page.

07/06/98: Fixed/updated/corrected/changed a bunch of stuff on the FAQ page that you wouldn't notice, unless you have too much time on your hands (then again, you are at this site...), and changed a few other little things around the page. (one example being that the links to other sites will open in a new window instead of within a frame... I thought it would be better that way.)

06/28/98: Added some questions to the FAQ courtesy of Stoney, and added a link to AMN. Thanks to Bjorn for reminding me about the link.

06/24/98: School's out! I am mentioning this, because I now have more time to update this page (although I probably still won't update it any more frequently than I already do.) Added Josh Lancaster and Joe Mitchell to the Member Page.

06/17/98: Added Chris Hickman to the Member Page.

06/15/98: Happy Birthday to ma soeur. Just thought I'd let you know that I don't always post updates here, so just because you don't see a date for a long period of time, doesn't mean it hasn't been updated, so keep coming back! I'm desperate! On to the updates: Added Joe Hinchcliffe to the Thanks and ICQ pages, and David Short to the member page. I also added some acronyms courtesy of Mr. Hinchcliffe.

05/24/98: First update in a while! Added Shane Virone to a few pages (Member, Bootleg, Thanks), and made a few corrections to the FAQ that he pointed out to me. Also, I made various tiny corrections, tweeks to various pages. Spot them all and I'll give you a dollar... seriously.

05/11/98: Added John Murren to the Members page, and added some more of David's questions and acted upon his suggestions. Tomorrow, I hope to change around the FAQ so that they are organised and in some type of order.

05/10/98: Happy Mother's Day. I added David Perle's info, as well as some new FAQ's, courtesy of David & Chris Lawrence.

05/09/98: Changed the "B/W" acronym to "bundled with," instead of "B With." Also, changed some of the fonts/backgrounds so it is easier to read, and doesn't "clash" as much.

05/08/98: Added Kamikaze to the Members and ICQ Pages.

05/06/98: Added Björn to the bootleg page (big time update, huh?) Also, a large (yet probably unnoticeable) update to the links section. All links should now be working.

05/05/98: Added to the Bootleg Page... that is all.

05/04/98: I did another fairly large overhaul/update to the Links page. I will be checking tomorrow to make sure they are all working. Added WHiTe VaMPiRe to the Member Page & the ICQ Page. Added Thomas Morgan to the ICQ page, added a link to the "Dave Got Better Since Bleach" thread as his Hall Of Fame submission, and added a link to a picture of Thomas. Added 2 acronyms (VMA & SNL), courtesy of I also added 2 subtle Seinfeld references (or maybe it was 3... there were some there to begin with, anyway)... see if you can pick 'em out! So far, the response has been great. Lots of suggestions, submissions, and nice words via ICQ, Guestbook, AMN and e-mail. Thanks!

05/03/98: Added Dave & Ville Heinila to the Bootleg Page, Eddie Campbell & Björn Magnusson to the ICQ List & added Björn to the Member Page. Added a link to the AAS in the Hall of Fame and another entry from me into the Hall of Fame. I erased the old entries from the Guestbook, from when it was used for my old Nirvana site, and the old entries are available for viewing (why you would want to see that, I don't know.) I also added this Updates section, so the dates/order for the previous entries may not be absolutely accurate.

05/02/98: First day on the web! I created the actual FAQ, Hall of Fame, Links Page, Main Page, Index Page, banner & added a counter before unveiling it. After it was announced, I added Eddie Campbell, Thomas Morgan, Slippyboy, & DoughRayMe's profiles and added Josh Van Camp to the ICQ page. I got about 8 or 9 FAQ questions from Chris Lawrence, and added them. I also organised the links page, as it was a big mess before, as well as adding a few new links. I added some comments to Chris' thanks in the Thank You page. I also fixed/added a few errors in the Acronym page. Overall, a very successful first day.

05/01/98: Decided to start the AMN FAQ v2.0. I created the Bootleg Page, the ICQ Page, the Member Page, the Acronym Page, the Guestbook page(s), & the Thank You page. I created all of the graphics, and made the image map in the left frame manually. (yeah, that's right... without an image map program!)

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