St John Ambulance Therapy Dogs In Manitoba

Bailey, Daytro, Kiowa, and Santana are proud members of the St John Ambulance Therapy Dog team.  They all passed the required St. John specific tests with flying colours.  They, along with their handlers, Ron and Kirby, take great pleasure in visiting their respective facilities. In June of 1998, Kirby became a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Evaluator for the Province of Manitoba.  April of 2003, she was named the Provincial Evaluator.  Ron went from Assistant Evaluator to Evaluator in July of 1998.

On May 24th, 2002, Kirby & Ron attended an investiture ceremony in Brandon, Manitoba, where they were invested with the rank of Member of The Order of St. John by The Honourable Peter M. Liba, C.M.,O.M., Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba.  June 10th, 2003 Kirby and Ron were promoted to the rank of Officer of the Order - this time Bailey and Kiowa were in attendance. A reception in honour of all the recipients followed at Government House - Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bailey was visiting Lions Manor once a week from the autumn of 1997 to late fall of 2000.  She and Ron began visiting at Concordia Place in January of 2001.  Bailey is an Obedience Trial Champion and an actor. After achieving her O.T.Ch. title she and her owner, Kirby, took part in various other activities, such as agility and tracking.  Bailey is also the "wolf" you see in Tom Jackson's music video "No Regrets".  She is also the number 2 Obedience Siberian Husky in Canada for 1993.

Daytro began visiting Concordia Place in the early fall of 2000.  Daytro has his Companion Dog Excellent obedience degree, and he to has the distinction of being number 2 Obedience Siberian Husky in Canada.  He was awarded this for the year 1999.

Kiowa, a mostly Samoyed, absolutely loved visiting with his kids at the St Amant Centre during his first few months in the program.  Since July of 1998, he has been visiting with the residents of Park Manor Personal Care Home.  Among his talents are waving, bowing, spinning, walking backwards on his hind legs, and playing the piano. He, along with one of his cats, can be seen on the cover of the magazine Cats and Dogs (Winter 1997 issue).

Santana visited Beacon Hill from the spring of 1999 to the late fall of 2000.  She and Ron began visiting Park Manor in January of 2001.  She too does a variety of tricks.

All four of Kirby and Ron's dogs have a number of "tricks" which they happily perform when asked.  The only thing they ask in return, is the adoration of their "fans" - the residents at their respective Personal Care homes.

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