Wilk Family History
Ludwig Wilk and his wife, Apolonia Furtek Wilk, were both born in Austria. All indications suggest that they were from Galicia, a polish speaking province, which is now part of Poland, but in the mid 1800's was controlled by Austria. Ludwig and Apolonia came to the United States from Bremen, Germany, on board the ship Werra on August 12th 1890, arriving in New York City.
From New York City they travelled to eastern Pennsylvania. By 1893 they had started a family somewhere in Pennsylvania. According to the 1910 Pennsylvania Census, their son, Walter, was born in 1893 in Pennsylvania. According to the Social Security Application of their son Louis, he was born in Weston, Pennsylvania in 1901. I could find no record of Louis' birth in Weston or nearby Hazelton, PA.
By 1910 they Wilks were living in Philadelphia. The 1910 Pennsylvania Census shows Ludwig, age 59, Abolana, age 50, Walter, age 17, Stanley, age 15, Tommy, age 14, Johnny, age 12, Louis, age 9, Emily, age 7, and Helen Nitka, age 1. All of the children were born in Pennsylvania.
This family was very difficult to find due to various spellings of Apolonia's name. On the manifest for the ship Werra her name is spelled Appolania; in the 1910 census it is spelled Abolana; my family says that her name was Apolnia; and her "American" name was Pauline.
Ship Werra
The "Werra" was a 4817 gross ton vessel, built in 1882 by John Elder & Co, Glasgow for Norddeutscher Lloyd [North German Lloyd]. Her details were - length 433.1ft x beam 45.9ft, two funnels, four masts, iron construction, single screw and a speed of 16 knots. There was accommodation for 125-1st, 130-2nd and 1,000-3rd class passengers. Launched on 4/7/1882, she sailed from Bremen on her maiden voyage to Southampton and New York on 12/10/1882. On 9/11/1891 she commenced her last voyage on this service and on 4/1/1892 was transferred to the Genoa - New York run. Started her last voyage on this service on 10/11/1898 and was then chartered to the Spanish company, Cie Trasatlantica who used her to repatriate Spanish troops. On 24/9/1899 she started the Bremen - Southampton - New York - Naples - Genoa service until commencing her last voyage on 28/8/1901, and in September of that year, she was scrapped at Genoa.
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