Gods from the Stars

The myths and legends of ancient Earth all tell of a time when celestials descended from the stars bringing a wondrous Golden Age throughout the world. The Giants rebelled against their Space-Lords, war was waged with titanic bombs, cataclysms split continents below the sea and Man sank back to barbarism. Solitary survivors remembered their Sky Teachers and prayed to the heavens. Wondrous beings came down to be worshipped as gods. If their existence could be proven, then who were or are these creatures and from where in time or space might they hail from?

Physicists theorize the existence of a mirror-universe of antimatter. Students of the occult believe there are also parallel universes, astral and etherean realms, other dimensions we cannot normally comprehend; perhaps the origin of those elusive UFOs. Many sensitives believe the gods or ETs originate from inner realms or etherean planets inhabited by beings who sometimes manifest to our senses as apparitions or teleport themselves here with -- or without -- spacecraft, the Angels of our Bible perhaps.

Legends of Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis, the fabulous civilizations in America and Asia all provided us with tales of fantastic psycho-electrical science suggestive of alien interraction. Direct evidence from the remote past is limited to a few scattered fossils and weather-eroded petroglyphs bearing cryptic symbols we cannot read. Just occasionally an OOPART, or out-of-place artifact, is discovered that defies its very existence -- often entombed in rock millions of years old.

Catastrophic earthquakes, fires, floods and waves of barbarism destroyed the written records, memories of the mighty civilizations filtering down through countless generations inevitably became confused into folk-tales which our twentieth-century minds interpret in terms totally foreign to the actual conditions of the far past. The only real evidence of remote ages must be found in the legends of all nations, traditions narrated by Berossus, Herodotus, the classical Greek and Roman writers, the Popul Vuh of Guatemala, the Indian Vedas and our own Bible. The few ancient writings left to us suggest that extraterrestrials were appearing world-wide three to four thousand years ago.

For those who wrestle with the UFO enigma the idea that extraterrestrials have intervened in our remote past is one theory that has to be addressed. The Gods from Space are represented universally in our myths and legends. In the United States, Native Americans worshipped the Great White Spirit, who descended to their ancestors from the skies. The Chippewas told of the Gin-Gwins or Flying Boats, reminiscent of the well-known solar boats of the Egyptians. The Navajos, Pintes and Hopi tell of Golden Strangers from the skies in flying-canoes armed with terrifying electric-rays. The Toltecs of Mexico worshipped Quetzalcoatl, a white-skinned culture-hero from the sky, whose name signified 'Feathered Serpent'. All over South America are legends of wondrous white people who descended from the stars or came from across the water. The belief that Cortes and Pizarro were divine beings returning to Mexico and Peru greatly aided the Spanish Conquest.

In India the Rig Veda describes Indra, the God of war, flashing across the heavens in an aerial car with the speed of thought, drawn by glittering, shining horses. He waged war against the Ausuras and destroyed their cities with thunderbolts like nuclear weapons, reminiscent of the war between the Gods and Giants described in Greek and Celtic mythologies. In his battles Indra was attended by the Maruts or Storm Gods, who rode on golden cars; they hurtled darts of lightning and rode like the wind.

The Ramayana describes numerous aerial battles between Gods and Demons waged with weapons capable of annihilation whose descriptions parallel that of 20th century atomic and nuclear devices. The Mahabharata mentions celestial chariots much like air or spacecraft destroyed by ground-to-air missile-like weaponry and the fantastic Agnay-weapon which scorched the Universe, smashed armies and devastated the Earth much like a hydrogen-bomb.

The Chinese believed the Celestial Dragon to be the father of the first dynasty of divine emperors, the dragon became the symbol of China. The ancient texts describe fantastic monsters, bodies covered with scales like armour, eyes flashing lightning, jaws belching flames, their fiery breath shrivelled towns to ashes. In neighboring Japan people honor their Emperor as direct descendant of Amaterasu, the Shining Goddess of the Sun, Ruler of the High Plains of Heaven. In 667BC the Emperor Kami-Yamato-Ihari-Biko told his court that their heavenly ancestor flew down in a heavenly rocking boat 1,792,470 years before. About AD220 the famous Empress Jingo invaded Korea. The deities went before and after the expedition. The King of Silla (Korea) was overwhelmed by these divine invaders and promptly surrendered. In AD460 the Emperor Oho-Hatsune-Wha-Ka-Taka went hunting with bow and arrows on Mount Katsuraki. Suddenly a tall man appeared and revealed he was a God. In AD619 a bright object like a human figure was seen over the Garno River, central Japan. In AD661 at the funeral of the Empress that evening on Mt Akaishi there was a demon, who looked down on the mourners. All people cried out in wonder.

The Babylonians claimed immense antiquity, they called their city "Bab-ilu", "Gate of the Gods". The Babylonian Gods were often associated with planets, intercourse between gods and mortals formed the theme of the Gilgamesh Epic. The great winged bulls, which guarded the palaces of Babylon and Nineveh were closely identified with Chaldean astronomy, like the Sphinx they often bore human features, symbolozing divine beings. Berossus, a Priest of Bel, described "an animal endowed with reason called Oannes with the body of a fish but with articulate voice. This Being taught men the arts of civilization."

These and countless thousands of similar worldwide accounts which span our entire history must surely represent, even in small measure, something more than the fertile minds of scribes -- men entrusted with passing down the torch of knowledge and enlightenment to future generations. We ignore them at our own risk.


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