The Hall of Records

Edgar Cayce

  The site finally selected for the safekeeping of all records and for the great symbol of the esoteric content of the law was the fertile plains of Gizeh, which had stood firm during the flood that had swept over so much of the land some thousands of years ago. This site was situated even higher than was the Temple of Isis.

It was calculated that this area was also approximately the mathematical centre of the land areas of the earth, where there might be the least disturbance by future earthquakes or floods. Here the record vaults were to be hidden, in a small pyramid between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, connected to both. Other large pyramids were also to be constructed in the vicinity.

The Sphinx had already been started, then work was discontinued, then restored and added to, after the return of the High Priest, Ra. Originally it was intended to be a memorial to Araaraat, but after the recall of Ra the meaning was changed to symbolize the relation of man and the animal, or carnal world, to those changes which must come about in his spiritual evolution - changes which were already coming about, in the fading of falling away of imperfections of man's bodily pattern.

The base of the Sphinx had been laid out in channels, and in the corner facing the Great Pyramid the story was inscribed as to how all these were begun and built, giving the history of the first invading ruler and the ascension of Araaraat. From the right forepaw, a passage was made to lead to the entrance of the Record Chamber, or Pyramid of Records. This was to remain undiscovered until man overcame his ego and reached true spiritual understanding, at the beginning of the fifth root race.

The Hall of Records was enclosed in a pyramid of its own, also to stay hidden for many thousands of years. It is situated between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. Hidden in the northeast corner were thirty-two tablets, buried with the remains of King Araarat. This was the first of the pyramids to be constructed from the shifting sands.

The Great Pyramid of Gizeh was one hundred years in the building: from 10,490 to 10,390 B.C. Ra himself made extensive studies of the terrain, and great care was taken in figuring the geometrical location in relation to the Sphinx and the four cardinal points of the compass.

Although it was planned by Ra, the actual construction and engineering were worked out by Hermes, a descendant of Hennes Trismegistus, who had returned with the Priest from the Nubian land of exile.

The Great Pyramid was built as a hall of initiation, the 'House Initiate', for those dedicating themselves to special services in the secrets of the mystery religion of Egypt. Here the masters performed their vows, consecrating themselves to holy service. Its purpose, therefore, was far greater than that of a burial place.

It was erected by the application of those universal laws and forces of nature which cause iron to float. By the same laws, gravity may be overcome, or neutralized, and stone made to float in air. The Pyramid was thus built by levitation, abetted by song and chanting, much in the same manner in which the Druids of England set up their huge stones at a later period.

Material for erection of the Pyramid was brought from as far away as Nubia; many different kinds of stone being used. Highly polished white limestone was placed on the four sides, in slabs whose joints were cemented together so imperceptibly that the work may be compared to the jeweller's precision. This casing stone was later stripped off and pieces may still be found in buildings in Cairo. Portions still lie buried below the sand, A few are still in place at the foundation line on the north side.

The Pyramid's capstone was composed of an alloy of copper, brass and gold, pounded into a covering for the top of the Pyramid. This eventually was desecrated,. by the sons of Heth, on orders of the Pharaoh, under whom the children of Israel suffered in bondage. In certain seasons a cosmic fire was lighted on top of the Pyramid, for symbolic purposes, by a method known only to the Atlanteans..

A long and elaborate ceremony marked the dedication of the Pyramid after the capstone was put into place. The event was announced to the people by a loud clanging of metal. From this ringing-out has arisen the call to prayer, thanksgiving and worship, as symbolized in the church bell. It is also the origin of the trumpet call to arms, and the ringing-in of the New Year.

The Great Pyramid is a record in stone of the history and development of man from the time of Araaraat and Ra to the end of the present earth cycle in 1998. Its records are written in the language of mathematics, geometry and astronomy, as well as in the lands of stone used, with their symbology.

At the end of the cycle, there is to be another change in the earth's position, with the return of the Great Initiate for the culmination of the ancient prophecies. All changes that have come and are yet to come are shown there in the passages from the base to the top. Changes are signified by the layer of stone, the colour of it, and the direction in which the turns are made. There are no undiscovered rooms, as such, in the Great Pyramid.

In the smaller Pyramid of Records, yet to be uncovered, there is a vault sealed with heavy metal, containing the prophecy for the period from 1958 to 1998. Here were secreted the records of the People of the One God, from the beginning of man's entrance into the earth. The occasion of this sealing was attended by Araaraat, Ra and the priests and priestesses of the Temples.

In the Great Pyramid, current history is symbolized by the low ceiling at the entrance of the passage leading to the King's Chamber, as it is called. This low passage or depression shows a downward tendency, as indicated by the variations in the land of stone used. The present period, therefore, may be termed the Crucitarian Age, or the age in which preparations are made for the beginning of the new sub-race. Astronomical and numerical factors indicate this date began in the Autumn of 1932.

When the gradual change taking place in the position of the North Star, Polaris, became noticeable as calculated from the entrance of the pyramid, there will be evidence of the incoming of the new race, with a greater influx of souls from the Atlantean, Lemurian, La, Ur or Da civilizations. These conditions are indicated by the turn in the passage through the Pyramid. The empty sarcophagus in the King's Chamber is itself a symbol of the enlightenment of man as to the meaning of death - as a transition from one plane of existence to another.

The length, breadth, height and various directions of the many layers of stone in the passages and chambers of the Pyramid accurately depict the events of significance in the spiritual evolution of man on planet earth. The birth and death of Jesus of Nazareth are indicated to the year, day and hour, at the turn of the passageway leading to the Queen's Chamber.

At one point in the low passage, 1936 is prophesied as a year of disturbances and turmoils, including wars, storms and land upheavals; with a resulting unrest among groups and masses. After 1956 a time of adjustment follows, and then the world enters a new period as shown in the King's Chamber - some time between 1938 and 1958.

This era is the beginning of developments of an unusual nature in many ways, terminating in the year 1998. It will be a time of preparation for the coming of the Master of the world - not necessarily His actual coming, the time of which no man can ever work now. It will be a period of greater spiritual reawakening and enlightenment; of new understanding, new life and new faith. There will be marked advancements in the field of science and new knowledge concerning the balancing of the forces of gravity by which the Pyramid itself was built.

The present age of mankind is rapidly approaching a peak in its development. At the crest of the wave there will be a breaking, a clash between the material-minded and the spiritual-minded. Many will fall away; but those who stand firm will be guided in finding the records and interpreting them for the benefit of men everywhere. The important thing lies not in just their discovery but their interpretation!!

The Great Pyramid of Gizeh stands as an historical monument to the present root race. It records the story of man's struggle for spiritual wisdom, and for many ages it was used as a temple of initiation for many of the world's great teachers and leaders. It was here that the Great Initiate, Jesus who became the Christ, took the final Initiate degrees, along with John the Baptist.


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