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Howdy! I am one of many writing team leaders of CabalArticles, a well-known web article writing group. We can create content in Spanish and English for multinational net readers, and are readily available for article content development for your internet site. Below you will read my curriculum vitae, and you may be able to find other writing team leaders and team members' CV's on this website. At the end of my curriculum vitae, you will check out some examples of our written posts. For employment enquiries, you should reach us using the form on this webpage and we will follow up as soon as possible.

Curriculum Vitae
Thelma C. Street
2521 Randolph Street
Walpole, MA

Summary of Qualifications
Graduated With Honors from York University
10 years of composing experience (specifically for Online readers)
Stunning fluency in Latin
Committed, group-oriented member of staff with a talent for specifics

Business Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Group Manager
Answerable for planning a worldwide team of internet writers to fit a complex set of growth goals.
- Set unprecedented records for output, increasing output by 20% throughout the world
- Correctly kept dependable records of work distribution
- Cared for QA for international output over a large team of authors

Extra Skillsets

Competent in Latin
State-of-the-art skills with a full selection of office software programs

Examples of Published Posts