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When Kat Colorado agrees to search for the source of threats aimed at a whistle-blowing employee for a medical parts manufacturer, the private eye discovers that her new client is more than just an accountant on a righteous crusade. And someone is ready to commit murder to protect the company's dirty secrets.


From Emily Melton - BookList: Kat Colorado, heroine of Kijewski's latest, is the quintessential female PI Gutsy, funny, and smart, she abjures makeup, pantyhose, and most things feminine; loves a cool drink and a hot game of pool; and talks tough but has a tender heart. Kat's latest sleuthing job focuses on a whistleblower who's taken on more than she can handle. Amanda Hudson has discovered that her employer is covering up a product defect that's resulted in serious injury and even death. But Amanda's campaign to expose the truth exposes her instead--to everything from hate mail to harmless but frightening pranks. When her car brakes are tampered with and Amanda's husband is seriously injured, he hires Kat to try to stop the attacks. What Kat finds is a web of tragedy and deceit, where nothing is what it seems and where righteous, innocent Amanda may be as dangerous and cruel as her enemies. Kijewski's in her usual fine form here, combining her easy, breezy style and deadpan humor with a sinister, suspenseful plot that's thought-provoking, fast-paced, and entertaining. The Kat series grows in fans and in critical acclaim with each new entry, and this one won't change the trend. A must purchase for mystery collections.

From Publisher's Weekly: Injustice, greed and betrayal are rampant in PI Kat Colorado's fifth case, yet the death that sets the Southern California sleuth in motion is rooted elsewhere. Kat hires on to protect young Amanda Hudson, who has discovered that her employer, Louden Medical Supply, is continuing to manufacture a faulty heart valve that has been implicated in the deaths of many of its recipients. Louden has heretofore settled damage suits with money and hush clauses; whistle-blower Amanda is now being ostracized by fellow workers who fear losing their jobs--worse, she's systematically threatened at home to keep her mouth shut. When Amanda is electrocuted in her hot tub, the death is judged accidental, but Kat, who has been threatened herself (one note reads ``Dead Kats tell no tales''), and Amanda's hotheaded husband suspect murder. Investigating various leads at Louden and uncovering some unsuspected secrets about Amanda keep Kat on the move, but too many recaps of the action, the danger and the accumulated evidence slow the reader's pace to a crawl. Undeterred by the spooky invasions of her privacy, Kat is likable, savvy and game. The plot, however, doesn't seem big enough for her ; her personal attachment to Amanda is inadequately developed and the often reiterated central dilemma of social responsibility vs. individual need is unconvincingly depicted. Previous titles include Copy Kat and the debut Katwalk. Author tour. (Feb.)

From Library Journal: The award-winning Kijewski offers another Kat Colorado adventure. After Kat pulls a hunky young man from a fiery car wreck, he hires her to find out who wants his plain-Jane wife dead. California cool and clever.

From The Publisher: It was a matter of principle that prompted Amanda Hudson to blow the whistle on the company that employed her - and manufactured a defective, potentially lethal product. It was a matter of pride that made Amanda hang on to her job with stubborn determination, despite the harassment, anonymous threats, and attacks that terrified her. And, by the time her hot-headed husband hired P.I. Kat Colorado, it was matter of life and death. For Amanda and Jude Hudson. For Kat, who would learn some hard - and deadly - lessons about vengeance, justice, and love.