Highlander: the Television Series


Paul and Kat's Season 5

If you would like to hear the eurosounds in .wav format, or put them in the context of the whole episode, this joint site will feature an episode a week: with synopsis, full script of the Eurominutes, pictures and Eurosounds. Hosted on Paul Edmond's site.

Kat's Eurosounds - Season 5

A page dedicated to sound bites from the Eurominutes of Series 5, HL:TS

(still around, in Real Audio only)

The Mostly Simon Sound Site

A collection of soundclips of PW's voice from the Archers and elsewhere, in Real Audio Format only.



A Photo-record of the first ever UK Highlander Convention: March 6-8 1998

This is a mirror site for The Troth Highlander and Beer Pages, providing an archive of my older soundfiles, and freeing up space for newer material.

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