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Noah's Ark - Your Favourite Pictures

Well - here they are: the pictures you voted for! To get the full sized image, just click on the corresponding thumbnail.

You will see that there is a predominance of pictures from a certain sequence from episode 5. Not all of these were ideal candidates for screen captures. Some of them are cropped from much larger mid-shots, and at least one (which has so many votes that I couldn't really exclude it) is from a panning shot and *impossible* (with my equipment anyway) to get a clear, unblurred shot of. I have tried to make up for that by offering you a few added extras. :-))) And I've also included (on this page) a few reminders of the sounds that went with the pictures. As always, click on the links with the (Þ) symbol by them,

I've given that matter a great deal of thought

boxers I could get used to having breakfast here whatever they were before... breakfast is served

'I could get used to having breakfast here' (Þ)

(Þ) 'Well, whatever they were before,'
we both know what I mean can I level with you? I'm not sure yet
I think you - we - both know what I mean.(Þ) 'Can I level with you, Dad? (Þ) 'I'm not sure yet,' (Þ)

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