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The Archers

As well as playing the grand old man himself (Methos to you) Peter Wingfield is responsible for creating the reprehensible (but at times beguiling) Simon Pemberton on BBC Radio's 50 year old soap THE ARCHERS - an everyday tale of country folk. For those of you Archers-deprived Peter Wingfield fans from other parts of the globe - sadly The Archers is not available on the World Service - here are a few sound bites from Simon's more recent appearances.

Each one shows the date it was originally broadcast, a sample of the dialogue, and the cast involved. If you want to put the sounds in context, the outline of the story is given in Simon's story. And if you haven't already got a real audio player, you can download one from Real Audio site.

Note: If you are a Mac user, you may have a problem with the .wav files. Try saving them first and then playing them. Alternatively, I'm told you can download a copy of SoundApp and configure it as a 'helper' in your browser. You can find it via the search facility at the Shareware site. (As I am working on a PC, I have no means of checking any of this.) Any other advice, please email:

Date first broadcast Sample of dialogue Format and file size Cast
28th February 1997 The evidence you will give… S1.ra (30.5k) SP


5th March 1997 I enjoy a good battle of wits… S2.ra (19k) SP


13th March 1997 Hard and painful lesson… S3.ra (33k) SP


14th March 1997 Don't drift so far away… S4.ra (38k) SP


14th March 1997 How relaxed are you…? S5.ra (32k) SP


19th March 1997 Subconscious, eh? S6.ra (16k) SP


21st March 1997 Perhaps you ought to leave now... S7.ra (75k) SP


24th March 1997 Am I really so heartless? S8.ra (26k) SP


27th March 1997 I hope it was nothing to do with Debbie and me... S9.ra (22k) SP

27th March 1997 I hope you'll admit your share of the responsibility... S10.ra (36k) SP


3rd April 1997 'Guileless, hardworking son of the soil...' S11.ra (31k) SP


4th April 1997 'I quite admired you...' S12.ra (29k) SP


10th April 1997 'I need you...' S13.ra (56k) SP


11th April 1997 'I will be serving you written notice...' S14.ra (35k) SP


17th April 1997 'I am offering you something so much better...' S15.ra (54k) SP


18th April 1997 'I could kill you...' S16.ra (27k)




SP = Simon Pemberton (Peter Wingfield)

DA = Debbie Aldridge (Tamsin Greig)

DAr= David Archer (Tim Bentinck)

BA= Brian Aldridge (Charles Collingwood)

EG= Eddy Grundy (Trevor Harrison)

SH= Shula Hebden (Judy Bennett)

JH= Janice Hawkins, barrister (? - no info available)

Crocodile Shoes

Peter Wingfield also played the part of Danny in the BBC series, Crocodile Shoes. Written by and starring the remarkable Jimmy Nail, is the story of Jed Sheppard, Crocodile Shoes is the story of an out of work Geordie lathe-operator who is destined to become an overnight sensation as a Country and Western singer-songwriter. Now, for those of you who are thinking 'Country and Western' ughh - don't worry, me too. But it is nevertheless a wonderful story - and Jimmy Nail's music is pretty cool too, even if you do hate C & W.

Jed has a corrupt manager called Ade, who is busy cheating just about everyone he meets and putting himself and Jed in danger in the process. And Danny - she gets to the point at last! - is Ade's equally dubious friend. It isn't a large part, but it is quite significant, and it does give Peter Wingfield the chance to display that world-weary cynicism her does so well.

The first scene takes place with Ade and Danny drinking beer on a park bench (sound like someone we know? <g>), and the second with the two of them stoned out of their brains in Ade's flat (trans. apartment)

Warning: These clips contain some bad language. Do not download if you are likely to be offended.

Episode No. Sample of dialogue Format and file size
One 'Too much like manual labour...' cs1.ra (24k)
One 'You'd better hope he's green and understanding...' cs2.ra (15k)
One ''You've got some neck, calling me a scoundrel...' cs3.ra (6k)
Two 'First rule of management...' cs4.ra (24k)


Danny = Peter Wingfield

Ade = James Wilby

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