Welcome to FBI Corrupt's Official Home Page. We're now.... DEAD! Screw it, it was fun while it lasted. I'll leave the site up, in memory of the band. The band is gone now, Luke and I have joined a different band now, called The Krazies(now dead too). Thanks goes out to everyone who helped us out with the band. My personal thanks to: Shaun Swick and the Groodys, Chris Morris, Danny Leonidas, Almon Scott, Luke Snyder, Morgan Lichtenwalter, The Atomic Playboys, Snotbox, Good to Go, Melissa McAnear, Brian Shortell, Patty B, The Getaway for letting us play, and anybody else who supported us, especially people that actually recognized us on the street. By the way, if you want free piercings, contact this guy.

FBI Corrupt is (left to right in picture below):

Adam Dobson: Bass and Vocals

Luke Snyder: Vocals

Kurt Stender: Guitar

Morgan Lictenwalter: Trumpet and Vocals

Almon Rotella: Drums

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The Atomic Playboys


Good to Go

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