Nube's Spriritual being encyclopedia !! here are some of the spiritual being that appeared in Jingoku sensei Nube

Ten Shya Ki

This spiritual being is very famous for its stubborn character. You say white, it'll say black.You say east, it'll say west. It'll oppose whoever, even the god. When being possessed by a Ten Shya Ki, he/she will become as stubborn and opposing as the Ten Shya Ki.

Purple Granny

The purple granny was actually a granny who loves her grandson alot. Everyday at 5:30 in the afternoon she'll go the school gate to wait for her grandson to come out. But, her grandson is often bullied by other kids. One day when purple granny was picking up her grandson, her grandson was pushed to a wall by a kid and knock his head. He was killed. "They killed my grandson!" purple granny was very sad. But the school ignored everything she said and all other people was everyday telling her that her grandson had died in a accident. "I'm never to listen to your nonsense again!", Purple granny cut of her own ear because she wanna hear no more. And she died not long after that. From the day she died, purple granny became an evil spirit, killing whoever kid that she met. There was a romour that she appeares at the school gate (any school) every 5:30 and if you show her or have something purple with you, you can be avoid from being attack.

The Broke God

If one is being possessed by the Broke God, all he/her money, his/her wealth, his/her luck will just fly away without a wing. He/she will become really, really broke. The Broke God will only leave when he/she suicide without hope.


Seiandon is the spiritual being that guides the death to the place that it should go. It would ask a whole lot of people to say out a hundred ghost stories enabling it to have the power to open the gate of hell. If the gate is opened, there would be no bond between the human world and the darker world. In a very short period of time, lots and lots of spiritual being would come to the human world and humans would lost the space to live in.

Ichimaten/bird of death

"Faster, faster, quickly,quickly~~~~" this is what you hear from the bird. Ichimaten possesses the face of a man, body of a bird, tail of a snake and sharp claws. It is a kind of bird that those people who do not respect life will see. When it says "faster, faster, quickly, quickly~~~~" it means that quickly bury the death and let the death to rest in peace.

Nikutsu/2nd mouth

It was believed that nikutsu is positioned at the top most part of the head but the correct position is behind the neck. The size of nikutsu is much bigger than the real mouth and it is able to finish up one day's food of a man in one gulp. There was a legend saying that step mothers who kill the child(ren) of the previous wife would become a nikutsu woman when she died. This legend is somehow different in Nube's story. Therefore, please do not get mixed up.

Single footed

Single footed is also called yukibochan. It almost never appeared infront of human being. According to witnesses, Single footed only has one eye and one leg, and look like a human. It was said that the ancestor of single footed is a blacksmith. Because it has to step on the wind box, so one leg disappeared and because staring at the fire oven for a long period of time, one eye was blinded. Due to the reason that it was a blacksmith when alive, it is legended that it was often seen at mines. Long time back in one of the snow mountains in Japan, someone saw a row of single footprints. It is very clear that this is the trace of single footed. The pace of every step is for sure 30cm, not less, not more.


Warashi is the spiritual being that brings joy and happyness to every one. If she happen to settle in a family, the family will be overcome with joy and happiness and extremely lucky. But there was a sad story when she was alife. It was during World War 2, alot of people does not have food and clothings at that time. Although Warashi had difficulties herself, she tries her best to help out others and share food with those who need. But this didn't last for long, Warashi was attack by pneumonia. Her last wish was, to let everyone in the world to live happily.

More Spiritual Beings coming Up !!

Please forgive if there are mistakes in the names as those names I translated from the Chinese version. If there are corrections, please mail.Thanks ~~!! ^v^