The Coalition

The Coalition is a secret organization funded by an unknown source or sources. The purpose of this organization is not readily apparent, other than it's involvement in conspiritoral issues, alien contact, and occult and paranormal activities. The Coalition does not work for the Federal (or any other) Government, and often opposes it.

Think of everything you were told was true.
It isn't
Think of everything you've ever been told to disbelieve.
It's real.
Imagine everything you've ever been terrified of.
It's right around the corner.

The Coalition is a Play by email (pbem) game that I am currently running. Below you can check up on varous game elements, get administrative information, or read what the players have done so far.

Here are the players who risk life and limb to post turns at least once every two weeks.
All strange and slightly twisted, the characters are presented here for your viewing pleasure.
The story as far as we've played. This is what we do here.
You can find information on character creation, game admin things, and game mechanics here.

The FUDGE gaming engine is used because it is an absolutely wonderful system!
I do suggest you check it out.

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