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Fanart Gallery: Michael Lim "Kiyoshi" (my own)

Hey look, here is my first crack at drawing an original character! Like it? The eyes are all messed up, and the chest looks a bit wierd to me. But it is pretty good for my first successful original!
This drawing was supposed to be Musashi from the Squaresoft PSX game, but it turned out like this. I didn't know how to draw the feet, and the hair is a bit screwed, but oh well.
Hey look! It's chibi Krillin!! Doesn't he look cute? I found him in Dragon Ball issue #14...I think. When I saw him, I just had to put him down on paper! Although I didn't feel like adding in any shadows.
Here is another original. I drew him with pen, and shadowed him with my pencil. I don't really know what he is, but he could be some sort of a alien, or a demi-human type creature...
This is an orginal drawing of the side view of some girl's face. It was at first supposed to be a boy, but it turned out looking more like a girl. And just to let you know...she isn't supposed to have a nose. Just think of Krillin, or Final Fantasy Tactics, then you will understand.

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