More similarities


Far East

This dog-shaped jar was found at a site of the Colima indians...

 ...and this one in the Shandong province in China (ca. 3000 BC).

Colima dog-shaped jar 

 Chinese dog-shaped jar

This Maya ballplayer seems to meditate like a yogi...

 ...which he could have learned from Buddha.

Maya ballplayer 


I never found it strange, why the American god Chac had a trunk and fangs... 

 ...but now I see a similar god in the East: Ganesha.


On this picture of an Aztec vase (at the Templo Mayor Museum in Mexico City), the elephant characteristics of Chac are even more obvious:   
Chac on Aztec vase  

I confess, I have no idea what this Maya wears on his chest, but the closeup looks a lot like...

 ...the Westasian merchants figurines, that were found in China.

Maya figurineMaya figurine closeup 

 Westasian merchant in China

I think, there is enough evidence, that there was interaction between the old cultures. Some of the similarities, I presented, may be far-fetched, but that should keep nobody from opening their mind to new ideas.

I have one thing left, that keeps scientists busy: Easter Island. Most scientists are totally convinced, it was initially populated from the East, by Polynesians. Thor Heyerdahl showed, that it could be reached from Peru (which is in fact the nearest shore), but that was and still is disputed. We might never find out, who erected those mysterious giants with their red hats,

 Easter Island giant
but this cocaleaves chewing guy from Peru could have something to do with it.
 Peruvian statue

That's all I have to show. If you think, you could shed some light on these things, please feel free to mail me. Somebody might even have an idea, what the old Ethiopians had in mind, when they build this:

 Aksum stela They didn't timetravel, did they?

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