May the Circle Be Unbroken
A Singer/Songwriter Web Ring

This ring of sites is dedicated to the tradition of the Singer/Songwriter

Some things are timeless... despite fads, despite industry trends, some music remains. From the lifelong wanderings of Woody Guthrie to Lilith Fair's summers'-long rambling odyssey, the sometimes lonely art of the singer/songwriter has always held a place in American popular music.

As a web master trying to promote a site pertaining to a well known musician, you have found a readily available way to place that artist among peers- as much a tribute as the site itself.

As a struggling musician trying to promote your own music via the internet, this ring will enable you to access the type of music fan most likely to enjoy the kind of work you create.

As someone who appreciates fine songwriting and musicianship, you have found an invaluable resource for seeking out the all time greats while also uncovering new and deserving talent. Frustrated by the current pop scene and the difficulty in locating insightful, carefully crafted music? Here is a wealth of great music the record store at the mall can only dream about.

Qualifications for this ring are really quite simple- you must have a site containing original material, and it must pertain to an artist or artists known for creating and performing their own work. Your site will be reviewed for up to ten days, and you will be notified whether your site is accepted or not. The decision of the ring owner is final.

Unknown and nearly unknown artists are encouraged to join.
In this case, an email to familiarize the ring owner with your music is recommended to assist in placing your site in a spot likely to bring you the best exposure for your music. It is also suggested that you have sound files on your site.

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