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Welcome to the complete reality of daoism homepage a resource on the web for all you wandering Taoists.Writing a page on Taoism is hard as the Tao has no boundries and every thing can be considered a part of I have tried to add what I consider to be the essence of taoism for myself.This page will include both religious and philosophical daoism and a broad range of other subjects that are taoist related.

Above is a brief description of Taoism as a philosophy it is brief and hope to expand upon it latter with qoutes from lao tze,chang tze and leih tze and others who added to the treasure that we call taoism.

In the religious side(my favourite)I will include a selection of gods and immortals and also talk about the festivals which are of major importance to the chinese.

Other pages will incude one on qi gong with a description of chi and also my favouite methods of qigong.One on fung shui talking about the different schools a description of the lao pan(fung shui compass)and some on advanced fung shui theory.I will also try and include a page on traditional chinese medicine(T.C.M)and all it's related fields.


Taoism is the philosophy of time and change and was developed in china's vast and great history and flurished during times when the govening of the country was cruel and harsh.People projected there hopes on to the Taoists who lived simple lives in moutains or other remote places free from the worry's affecting other people at that time.

The philosophies of Taoism are very old most borowed and expanded from shamanism and was then put together by lao tze and then expanded upon again by Chuang tze in his works.

Taoism has few set theory's but there are some like yin and yang.yin and yang are the two oposites yang is male,strong etc and yin is female,weak.Everything in the world is made up of varying degrees of yin and yang but no thing is totaly yin or totaly yang.Things are also classed as being one of the five elements which can be seen throughout nature these elements are fire,water earth,metel and wood.there is an interplay between the five elements one destructive and one constructive these are called cycles.

In the destructive cycle-wood destroys earth-destroys water-destroys fire-destroys metel-destroys wood.

In the constructive cycle-earth creates metel-creates water-creates wood-creates fire.

Taoism also belives that chi energy creates and moves through all things it is never destroyed only constantly moving and changing.

There are two types of Taoism:philosophical and religious and in this homepage I will try to represent them both equally as I think there is a general bias towards the latter.

Also represented on this homepage will be the natural sciences created by those ancient Taoists and those that were influenced during various times in history when Taoism flurished as the major religion in china.

I hope you enjoy this page and that for some of you it brings you a little closer to the Tao.

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complete reality boardroom
This is were I hope people with an interest in daoism will come to gather and disscus there ideas for the betterment of the whole.