This is Honey, She was born 4-19-01

This is Honey she was born April 19th, She is a chestnut. She is by Pablo San and out of a daughter of Docs Last Chance by Doc Bar and Gold Corrour by Hollywood Gold. She is my personal ranch mare and maybe next year I will breed her, she is a great mare and does everything I ask of her whether it be crossing a river or whatever.

new pictures coming soon.


Honey's Pedigree

Pedigree: Honey Pedigree for Honey
Quarter Horse

Pablo San

Peppy San

Leo San by Leo

Peppy Belle

Paula Chex

King Fritz

Paula Gay

Docs Dakota Chance

Docs Last Chance

Doc Bar

Gold Corrour by Hollywood Gold

Dakotas Miss Revenue

Dakota Playboy by Freckles Playboy

Drys Miss Revenue

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