Mitakuye Oyasin Standing Elk
INYAN OYATE Invokes Cycle Of Cause And Effect
For the Spiritual Law of Karma, the Stone People have sent their representative.

I am the Crystal People here today to speak for the Stone Nations of Mother Earth: to remind the Peoples to be in contact with the Wisdom Keepers of their planet and to remember their roles in present and ancient times with the Stone People's Medicine.

The Stone Nations are the Keepers of the Wisdom of the Ages. Mother Earth Herself adorns the Stone People with Her Consciousness. Our memories are one with Hers.

Therefore, if you seek to enter into the understanding of the teachers of our Holy Mother Earth, you may take that pathway through the Crystal Door, the Arch of the Crystal Nations. At this hour in the changes, the Stone Relations have released to the human beings the memory of ancient times.

These memories are many bundles that the Stone Nations have held for the Two-Legged - bundles of victory and of defeat. These bundles are the memory of who you are and what you have done upon the face of Mother Earth. There is great responsibility that is now flying to your bodies. The Stone Nations have declared, "Spiritual Law of Karma!" They will no longer carry the burdens of the Two-Leggeds. Now these bundles are those bundles that you have prepared for yourself. Should they be pain and labor or should they be bliss in the Seventh Realm, what you have made is coming to you now. Thus, the Stone Nations have set into effect the cycles of Cause and Effect.

Yet know first, that the Energetic Signature and the Wisdom sent to the human beings upon the frequencies (13:20::11:11) - these Teachings of Old that you understand-are coming to you like the Spirit of Light. They will awaken your memory that is housed within the halls of the DNA. The very Crystalline structures within the Molecular awareness of your Being are awakening with treasurers old and foretold. If you need assistance to balance this Cause and Effect that you did set up for yourself through ages past, the Stone and Crystal People will be your helpers.

Among the Stone Nations, the Crystal People have chosen this Giveaway.

For our many Relations that cover the Earth are very tired of the heavy footsteps of human being. They would see human being grow very fast. It was selected among our clans that the Crystal People will be your helpers. And so, should your burdens prove to be too great for you, then enter through that Doorway, that Arch, of the Crystal People - going within . . . praying. . . and channeling frequencies to the benefit of all with the assistance of one of the Crystal Nation.

Then, those inner changes which may cause you difficulties will smooth like the graceful flow of the spring river. (For those of you who are too cold in your heart, this may feel like icebergs flowing through your veins). So, too, in your prayers and in your meditations, apply the Rainbow Light
the Crystal Peoples to feed your aura, to feed your chakras, to feed the gates of your spine. For we and you are related. Should you need assistance and understandings of the Crystal Nations, you may call upon the Whale Peoples as well.

Their Memory Song is the activation language of the Crystal Peoples. Thus, through your voice, sing your Celestial Song through the frequencies that we will create together. And then, that cycle of Cause and Effect which has been known as Karma will become a friend and no longer will you feel so terrible. For Karma will be transformed - as soon as you are ready - into that Dharma of Paradise. Then Grace, with the Grandmothers and the Relations, will be yours.

Standing Elk
Canku Woksape Wicasa
Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Wi

Standing Elk is one of seven Sundance Chiefs from the Yankton Sioux reservation. He is an emissary for Ista Wanzi (One Eye), Hehaka Wi (Elk Woman), Nape To (Archangel Michael), The Seven Sisters (Blue Star Woman, Red Star Woman, White Star Woman, Corn Woman, Turtle Woman, The Divine Mother and the White Buffalo Calf Woman). He his one of many messengers for the Holy Nations, the Star Nations and the Ascended Realms.

In 1994 he was given some information by
three Orion teachers concerning some symbols. These symbols were translated in their Sweat Lodge ceremonies by his Grandson Deerman. He then asked for help into refining the information. There were two individuals who were instructed by their guides to help. There names are Canku Woksape Wicasa and Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Wi. They were instructed to go into ceremony for further instructions. They had nightly ceremonies in Rapid City, South Dakota and many Spirit Guides came to offer their message for the symbols.

These symbols were to be known as the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan ("Earth Star Ways") There are 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws. The Spirit cited them as the 11:11. The Universal Laws are feminine and the Spiritual Laws are masculine. There are three guardians to each symbol. The first guardian is from the Holy nations, the second guardian is from the Star Nations and the third guardian for each symbol is from the Ascended Realms.

His instructions during this age is to share the teachings of the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan (The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator), The Iktomi Wicahpi Wicohan, (The Sacred Star Spider Ways) and the Anpao Wicahpi Wicohan (The MorningStar Ways).

The Divine Plan by Which One can Live is a day by day plan given to the three teachers of the 11:11, Standing Elk, Canku Woksape Wicasa and Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Wi. This plan materialized as channeled messages from the Holy nations, Star Nations and the Ascended Realms for the Ascension Ways of Mankind.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk