Handmade Crafts

Hi, My name is Tammy.
My husband and I make all
the items on this website out of our home.
The photos in this site are
not real professional, but them again I never claimed
to be a professional photographer.
Trust me,they look much better in person.
All the items are made of solid pine,
they all have a laquer finish for easy clean up.
In order to keep cost down,
we are using recycled packaging supplies.
We hope you enjoy going through our site,
and maybe you will find something you like.
We are very new at this and would appreciate
any comments or suggestion regarding this site
or any of the items in it.
Please add any feedback to your order
or you can send an e-mail to the address provided.
If you would like any item changed
in any way you can call me at,
(715)421-1611 between 8am and 7pm
Hope you enjoy.
Tammy Norton


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