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WW2 atlantic war history

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Soviet fleet history page( by me too, on Russian language).
Good page about war in the Pacific.
NCS Cape Town General History Database
USNSM online history center
Blood and Iron - History of the Kriegsmarine
German armed forces in WW2
Iwo Jima
Uboat Net - all about U-Boats
US Naval Register - Listings of All US DDs, DDEs, FFs
Nihon Kaigun - Imperial Japanese navy
Royal navy of WW2
Cruiser Operations of WW2
Royal Navy in WW2 - one more site
USS Lexington CV-2 Home Page
Warships1 Com - one of the largest Warships Site

Used Sources:

Cruisers of the world war II by M.J.Whitley
"Warships of the world" Russian Edition
Chris Marshall's "The Encyclopedia of the Ships" Russian Edition
Gangut Magasine
Breese Magasine
Heroic ships of the Russian Navy
and lots of other sources.

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