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~ Potter's Editorial ~

....Here we go again....

The following, for whatever it's worth, may be fairly considered a position statement on my current views and opinions, and should be referred to by my readers, ....if there are any, ....in case of any questions or discussion concerning them.

There! That being said, let's start at the top: God.

God's taking a lot of flak these days–––He always has and He always will–––but for the record, I want to tell you that 'The Big Guy' is really there....everywhere, actually....and I know this for a fact because I saw Him!

Okay,....I can hear some of you right now smirking and rolling your eyes, ....but I don't give a shit!
God Bless you, baby, ....you're gonna need it!

Wait a minute, now....relax! The purpose of this piece is not to sermonize or debate epistemology and deism with secular humanists, so don't start gettin' all wiggy on me. I merely want it right out front where my marching orders are coming from. To you smirkers, ....suffice it to say that I told you so–––in advance! If by chance you are interested in reading more details concerning my personal enlightenment, see ~ The Pissing Contest ~ elsewhere on this site. Okay, ....next....

....Guns....I sold all my guns many years ago to scrape together airfare for a flight out of Alaska, and for the most part, I haven't missed them much at all. More recently, however, it occurred to me that having a gun or two kicking around the house (or the car, ....or in a coat pocket) might not be such a bad idea ....I see eyes rolling again!

Crazy? ....foolish? ....unnecessary? ....dangerous? ....radical? Perhaps some folks might want to carefully rethink their position on guns in the wake of publicity craving shooters and rampaging government agencies run amok in their daily war on ordinary peaceable citizens....and in the rethinking, ....turn off Dan Lather for a few minutes and put down that Time magazine.

In spite of what passes for news in our wonderful "democratic society," tube watchers and Time readers might find it surprising that the United States was inspired and founded upon the rule of law ....not second hand opinion and politically sponsored polls. Shocking as this fact may be, The Constitution is this law, ....not hundreds of thousands of federally legislated mandates and executive orders, subverting and eroding our national sovereignty to global alliances, among other things.

Not surprising then, is it, that the talking heads at Media Inc. will never tell you that this nation's 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, who also authored most of the Constitution, said (paraphrased),

–––"The most compelling reason for the people to have guns is to shoot the bastards (government) should they ever violate their trust and become tyrannical."

How many atrocities do you think we would need endure from self centered psychos and rampaging DEA's, FBI's, and BATF's, if large numbers of peace loving and law abiding citizens carried and kept modest weapons in their homes and on their persons? Okay, ....next....

....Gold....call me a gold bug if you like, but I started to accumulate the stuff back in '81 or '82, and even though I paid $500 an ounce for it at the time, and took a severe beating as the price eroded, ....some of that same gold I bought then, I still have today. That's a lot more than I can say for any cash I held from those days. Any of that money is but a whimsical memory now.

Actually, my gold position was incrementally improved by 'averaging'–––ordered (or semi-ordered) accumulation as gold prices declined. Gold recently nearly hit its historically lowest price ever, in inflation adjusted terms , and has since experienced renewed strength and interest in world markets.

Simply because gold has intrinsic and historical value virtually unsurpassed in the last several thousand years, I believe it is a much safer long term investment than either unbacked and fiscally suspect dollars (Federal Reserve Notes) or overvalued and intangible paper instruments, e.g. stocks, bonds, etc., ....at least for a substantial proportion of your savings portfolio. Okay, ....next....

....Y2K....it's coming, and in spite of the official word, no one really knows exactly what is going to happen. It's precisely for that reason that I believe John Q. and Mary Jane Public should take at least some cursory steps in preparation for this unknown commodity. Time is now of the essence, as there are but some ten weeks until 2000 left.

Hey, ....quit rolling your eyes! What if everything shits the bed for a few weeks or months? Then where will you be? I mean, how big a deal is to put aside a little extra?

It wouldn't really be that tough, you know....check your camping stuff....a lantern, a gas grill, maybe a radio and some batteries....or pick some up––– probably for less than a hundred bucks. Fill up some soda bottles with water and a few drops of bleach....lay in a little extra firewood and get the chimney cleaned up....or pick up a kerosene heater and a supply of fuel....

Yeah, ....say nothing major goes down....you can still eat the food and use the stuff you've put aside, and you can burn the extra wood you laid in....no big whup.

We went through an ice storm around here a couple years back in the middle of January that knocked out our power for 10 days. It tweren't no picnic, baby, but it sure was a learning experience. You don't spend a lot of time thinking about a microwave oven, or a refrigerator, or a hot shower until suddenly you don't have one!

Maybe the very best reason to get your shit together now while there's still a little time, is the fact that the establishment is telling the world that Y2K will be nothing more than "a bump in the road" at worst. Given the track record of lying, deception, and intrigue of governments dating back to antiquity, just maybe it's time to get off your duff and get hunkered down a mite! Okay, ....finally....

....Continued government encroachment, malfeasance and/or criminality.... It's high time to "Just Say No!" to government....from Klinton's administration and the largely thieving and self-aggrandizing national congress, right down through the armies and legions of bureaugoons, inspectors, and code officers at every state and local level.

Enough is enough! ....I, for one, have renewed my last driver's license. Bullshit on their national ID cards and citizen tracking schemes, ....with their digital photos, barcodes, and socialist insecurity numbers! Next thing you know, they'll want the length of your dink....I mean, where's it gonna end?

"Not gonna dewit," in the words of that weasel-eyed hegemonic globalist George Herbert W. Bush Sr...."Nope, ....jus' not gonna dewit! Wouldn't be prudent."

That's right. No more for this kid! Freedom is where you make it, sweetheart, ....and the time has come to tell the arrogant bastards to stick their thousand points of light right where the sun never shines.

....Maybe it'll be illuminating for them....


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