The Secret Revealed

It dawned on me in the twinkling of an eye .... and no subtle realization was this, either. It was a proverbial ton of bricks that smashed me over the head as I was cautiously scanning the propaganda portal the other evening.

I had paused momentarily at one of the now ubiquitous cookie-cutter news network channels to watch Al Gore sign some poor kid's hallway locker in a school somewhere on the campaign trail, and I was asking myself the usual questions....

..Do we have to watch these clowns doing stupid crap like this for the next seven months?


..What about his duties as vice-president?

Oh, ....I forgot, ....vice-presidents don't have any duties. Just as well that Gore's away from the machine anyway, or no doubt he'd be inflicting yet more damage on an already wounded republic.

Suddenly, as I gazed upon Gore's unnatural plastic mien and disturbing sharklike black eyes, the truth was revealed to me in a flash of stunning clarity.


The legions of modern government, politicians, bureaucrats, publicans, and professional pikers, ....are really not human at all. They're all machines! Soulless automatons, programmed by the puppetmasters to wreak their destructive havoc without conscience, ....without the inherent crippling guilt that would render any normal human unable to implement such sinister means to an iniquitous end (did I include tv news anchors?).

Yes, ....this is the big secret. This is the answer to the riddle about how someone can play politics with people's livelihoods and their very lives. This is the answer to the ethical question of how a person can justify existing as a debilitating parasite upon the sweat and blood of another. It is finally clearly obvious!

No conscientious human being could wilfully rain down cruise missiles on innocent children with the wanton disregard displayed by modern statists.

Real humans don't slander opposing viewpoints, stifle protests and jail dissidents, burn and raze whole communities of religious aberrants, and from time to time"inadvertently" shoot down commercial airliners.

That's the answer! They're all robots!

What? ....You don't believe me? ....Just look at them....We've already covered Gore.

George Bush....pure machine (like father, like son) ....they're trying to fine-tune out the little hesitation and silly grin glitch in his program, even as we speak....

Hillary XXXXXXX (expletive deleted) ....machine to the core ....she's ground up and spit out more raw meat than a whole pride of lions. This gal is a little like the strict and taciturn, ruler-cracking schoolmarm, who'll stand not a whit of devianceat the same time she's secretly doing up half the town.

James Carville, advisor to XXXXXXX (expletive deleted) ....this guy is not a machine ....he's actually a lizard. Sheees ....this guy is a frigging top advisor to the President of the United States??? Yikes!

New York governor George Pataki ....machine, though he could easily be confused with a cartoon characterof a crocodile attention now when the nice governor tells you how the government is going to proceed with the infringement of your God given rights "for your own good."

FBI chief Freeh and the head balloon at FEMA, ....Ray or Raye, or something like that ....machines ....these guys have that seemingly in vogue reptilian look about them, too. Are these people all related, or what?

Albright, Reno, Cohen, Lott, Kennedy, Spector ....machine, machine, machine, machine, machine, machine ....kill 'em and chill 'em, stab 'em and slab 'em, bomb the bastards, ....we gotta do it, sweetheart, ...."it's for the good of the country!"

It's not only in America, either, folks. These robots are all over the place. Tony Blair, Kofi Annan, and all the other two-bit tinhorn control freaks heading up power mad regimes and dictatorships everywhere ....machines, ....all machines.

Robot machines are near you, too ....the tax man, the city manager, the local state representative ....the miserable android who shuts the window in your face after you've waited in line an hour and a half in order to pay egregiously out-of-touch automobile licensing and registration taxes ....machine, machine, machine, machine.

So, ....the next time you catch yourself shaking your head and wondering how some human beings can possibly behave the way they do towards others, remember, ....they're probably not humans at all.

In closing, it might encourage some of you that third party front runner Pat Buchanan is not a robot. Pat actually has something once known as opinions, and he's got a little attitude to go with them, ....all very unmachine-like.

Now, if only someone privy to the public eye would have the balls to expose the theft of our honest constitutional dollars, ....then the biggest secret of all would be out!