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Cheap Website Design

Small Business/Personal Site Design

I began toying with website design in 1998 and enjoyed it. I created a few websites for friends and family. I am not an expert by any means, I do this as a hobby. I do believe, however, that I can provide a functional site for you at a relatively low cost. I am only one person who is attempting to provide web services to those of you who do not have a huge budget allocated for web design. Having been self-employed myself, I know how challenging it is to keep a small business afloat. With fluctuations in the market it is very difficult to keep a steady cash flow at times. That is why you need me. My goal is to provide and maintain functional websites at minimal cost.

The way I work is that I would design the page based on your initial specifications and then let you check it for accuracy and content prior to publishing. Unless otherwise informed, post-publishing changes or updates would be made based on your direction only. I will handle all initial setup with providers and/or other services. The average time to get you up and running is approximately 2 weeks depending on the complexity.

I will retain a back up of your site to protect you from server corruption or loss.

Your site will include the following.

  1. Base Setup

  1. Cost of Personalized Web Address

  1. Cost of Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  1. Search Engines - (optional)

  1. Internal Page Links

  1. Site Maintenance

  1. Minimum Cost

  1. References

For more information, email me at Please put CWD in the subject line.

All design work provided by CDW. Hosting, search engine submissions, and all CGI services offered by other service providers. Payment for services that CDW does not provide required in advance. CDW does not require a contract but services not provided by CDW may. Prices for external services may change without notice.