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Training Rates

  • $15.00/day except Sundays and rain out days $8.00/day

  • We only charge you for the days your horse is actually learning!

  • 90 day schedule is preferred (60 day minimum)

  • Call or E-mail for race training rates/percentages

  • Board Rates

  • Pasture Board - We feed 2x/day, Owner provides feed & hay: $5.00/day

  • Stall Board - We feed 2x/day, Owner provides feed & hay, Stall cleaned daily, horse turned out or walked while stall is being cleaned: $10/day

  • Complete Care - Stall, feed, hay, turnout and/or exercised regularly: $12.00/day

  • All Worming, Vaccinations, Coggins Test, Hoof Care, etc. will be billed to owner.

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