Davy Jones

Born: Dec.30,1945
Birthplace: Manchester,England
Parents: Harry and Doris Jones
Given Name: David Thomas Jones
Siblings: Hazel, Linda, and Beryl
Height: 5'3
Marriages: 2~ Linda,Anita
Current Marital Status: Single(yyyyeeesss!!!)
Kids:4 girls(darn!)
Best Hits with the Monkees: I wanna Be Free, Daydream Believer,Little
Bit Me, Little Bit You and Valleri
Best things this cuttie said: I am Standing up!,Hello love, I think I
Love you

Davy info:

Davy's birthday is the same as Mike's only three years later.
Davy left school at the age of fourteen, to become a jockey. 
Davy had an album out before the Monkees
Davy won a Tony nomination for his role as "The Artful Dodger" in "Oliver!"
Davy was first to be picked for the Monkees. 
Davy was Micky's best man at Micky's second wedding

To new Monkee Fans~ If you don't know which one is Davy he's the one
who is always falling in love!