John Lennon

Born: Oct.9,1940
Birthplace: Liverpool,England
Parents: Fred and Julia Lennon
Given Name: John Winston Lennon
Height: 5'11
Marriages: 2~ Cynthia and Yoko
Kids: 2~ Julian and Sean
John Hits With The Beatles(well a few!): All You Need Is Love,Julia,
Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day in A Life,Please Please Me and Nowhere
John Solo Hits(to name a few!):Imagine,Mind Games,Give Peace a Chance,
Happy Christmas(War Is Over) and #9 Dream
What can i say about John Lennon that won't take years? He was a peaceful guy!
He and Yoko wanted peace and there to be no more Fighting. john is my
Favorite Beatle because of how he writes his songs. He always had a meaning to them
Some things this guy said in the earily years: 
Press: How Did You find America?
John: Turn Left at Greenland
Press:Do you fight amongst yourselves?
John: Only in th Mornings
Press: Do you have any advice for teenagers?
John: Don't Get Pimples