A Monkee Love Story

I think I'm the most alone person in the world. I am sitting here on this beautiful beach in l.A. All the thin are running around with there boyfriends. See my cousin and me are in L.A for vacation. She is thin and pretty and I'm kind of heavy and not so good looking. As my cousin,Erin, went to go get a snowcone I was looking at all the cute guys walking on the beach when i see this short guy. He's soo handsome. A little short for me but no one is perfect. As I'm staring so hard at him I don't realize Erin has come back. "Wow what a babe!!! I'm going to talk to him" Wait!!! Erin I saw him first! But I was too late,she was already talking to him. Then they start to walk along the beach. Why does all the great things happen to Erin? Out of nowhere pops up there guys. One with a cute green hat says," hey were the Monkees. We play music at clubs and parties. My name is Mike Nesmith,that there is Peter Tork and thats Micky Dolenz. Looks like you had your eye on Davy Jones. I think you are the seventh girl today." Davy Jones? Who is he? " He's the short guy with all the girls all over him." Yeah Mike, I really like him but my cousin snaged him before me. She always gets the guys! I wish i could lock her up! "That little blonde is your cousin? She looks nothing like you! I know she has the looks in the family. "Hey what's your name?" Ashley. "What a groovy name. Why don't you talk to Davy?" I don't know,Mike. every guy hates me. Why would David Jones even look at me? " Why don't you try him? He might surprise you. Go for it." Ok Mike next time I see him, I will! It was nice meeting you Mike Peter and Micky. The sixth night I went out for a walk on the beach. My cousin has been on four dates with Davy. i have talked to him but I only said hi. Its a cool night as the wind blows just a little bit.. I walk and walk only of thinking of Davy and what Mike said. Gosh i think I'm in love with him even though i only said hi to him. oh my gosh!! There he is! Davy was sitting where the water would just touch his feet. Ok,Ashley, its now or never. I didn't know it at the time but close by,Mike, Peter and Micky were watching with there fingers crossed. Hi Davy? It's me Ashley.Erin's cousin. Do you remember me? "Of course i do! What's up,babe?" Davy, I hafta tell ya something."Alright Ashley, go ahead." Davy,the day erin met you,well, i saw you first. I couldn't stop staring at you. Then,Erin saw you and well you know that part. But from that day on I can't stop thinking about you. I can't you off my mind. I think i love you. I..I..I and with that i go up and ran. Mike yelled after me "where the heck are you going?" "Ashley are you ok" called Peter but it was not use. I ran to the hotel you were staing at. Ran up the stairs to our room. I jumped on the bed and cried. I blew it! I can't believe i blew it! Erin came in my room and says" theres a cute Micky Dolenz here to see you. And I though I got the guys." I got up and walked to the door. Hey Micky, whats up?" " Are you ok? Why did you run off like that? you were doing soo great!" " What were you doing great?" Nothing Erin. Can I talk to micky alone? "sure ash" Micky, i blew it! Now day will hate me forever. "What?!? davy doesn't hate you. He likes you. he though that you didn't like him cause he's from england and that he is short! mike, Peter and I knew this thw whole time. that's why mike said he would surprise you!" I know! what am I going to do?! "Why don't you dry your tears and go back to Davy. Ok??" Ok let me put on some make up. So about 20 minutes later, i go down to the beach where davy is sitting at the edge of the water with his shirt off. Hi davy. I'm sorry I ran off like that. I thought you thought I was a fat loser. "no i would never think that. i saw you when you first got to L.A and was checking in. you are the most beauiful girl in the whole world. I only went out with Erin because i though you hated me." davy I love you. "I love you too.' He puts his smooth hand on my cheek and kisses me hardly touching me lips like it was his first kiss. I put my hand on the back of his neck and return his kisses. mike, Micky and Peter were very happy. Erin wasn't though but the next day she met anther guy. i moved to L.A in a beach were Davy and I would walk every night holding hands on the beach with three monkees behind us. The End