See right up until the day before the concert, me and my friend, Kira, were planning to leave around 7am cause we live a couple of hours away from Hersey Park. THen my mom tells me we are leaving at 10am and that there is going to be nobody waiting in line for a bunch of old guys. ggrrrr... So we get there and I am jumping all over. Kira(who is just like her fav monkee Mike) kept saing Come on cool it. I couldn't help it! Then my mom says that we should eat before we get in line. ggrrrr... I couldn't even eat! So after lunch its about 12:45pm (the show starts at 4:30) and there is already a line of about 40 people. My mouth hung wide open until we reached the back of the line. We met all kinds of people that day! The people in front of us were great. Thanks for letting me borrow your suntan lotion guys! THen we walked up toward the front of the line and taked to a bunch of girls. We kept asking the guards all these questions:) It was soo funny. THey were really ticked off So we get back in line and the people behind it go, Man is it going to be a race today! I turn around and was like huh? The guy tells us that there are three lines! And when they open the gates its going to be like a gun at a race.(this guy loved Peter noone.) At round 3, you should have seen the line! Wow! I couldn't believe it! not bad for a couple of old guys, huh mom? We it was like 3:40 and the woman open the gate
ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody took off!! I looked at Kira, then my mom then my brother and nana and we all knew what we had to do. Bam! We were off! We ran like my gosh horses at a race. We got thrid row, a little off center! Whew! Then it was time to burn some money. Kira and I bought I think everything! Well I have been saving ever since I knew he was coming. So we get into our seats. This woman I guess from a radio station came on and said a few words and then the back up band came on. AAAHH!!!! THe guitarist then said Ladies and Gentlemen(as few as they were!) Bobby Sherman!!! Well the place went nuts including my mom! she loves Bobby Sherman. So then I see he isn't on stage. I was like where is he? Then someone pointed to the top of the tiny theater. He was coming down threw the crowd! I couldn't believe it! He finally made it on stage and sang some of his hits, Julie do ya love me?, Settle, Little Woman and a couple others. Well Kira was in love! She was screaming her head off! So he came over into the crowd right by us. He shook my nanas and moms hand. When he got to me he smiled and said Hi Im Bobby and I said like a loser Hi Im Ashley and shook my hand. And kira got her hand shook too:) Then he was off. So we were waiting for the next guy, and we were all guessing who it would be. Then my brother says to me, Get your camera ready and don't hold your breath too long, Davy is next. THat guy just shorten the mike. Well I was going nuts! Ladies and Gentlemem, DAVY JONES!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! He came out in a nice suit. I don't remember the first song(sorry!). Then I see that the guards were not letting people up to the stage like Bobby. But since I am a crazy Monkee and Davy fan I jumped out of my seat walked down to the stage to get a close- up of Davy I got two before the guard almost picked me up and carried me back to my seat:) ha ha guard! Well A girl a couple of people down had Davy's first album and he told her to come onto stage! he made a joke about the album and asked her some questions. He also signed her album and gave her a kiss!!! THe luckiest gal in the world! I swear! Well Davy sang Girl, Steppin Stone, Daydream Believer, I love you forever, the theme from THe Brady Bunch. When he lefted me and Kira(and about 7 other girls) came up the idea to wait for Davy at the back. So we all get up and leave We waited all threw Peter Noone 's act(I know I missed it!) but he never came out. It was soo funny though. We kept bugging the guard. THis older woman who was next to me(we were in the front) said I wish one of the guys would come out and I don't care who it is! I said well lets hope Davy comes out since there are a lot of Davy fans right here So she yells at the guard Tell Davy to get his As*(this is rated G Kiddies) out here! Well I said And its a pretty nice As* if you ask me! And this girl behind me says AMEN! It was soo funny! Well we didn't meet Davy and Im not complaining!!! He was great! We came to hear him sing. And We had a lot of fun
THe End
We will be going to anther Teen Idols show on July 26th. I will right about it when I get back!

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